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Below is a non-exhaustive list of links to 1999 news reports about the domain name system, in reverse chronological order. A few links may no longer be available, while others may require a password or fee to access their archives.


Ricochet wireless service gets bounced, by Paul Kaputska (Red Herring)
Wireless Internet service provider Metricom had its RICOCHET.NET hijacked early December 28 an attack that rerouted an undetermined amount of inbound email messages to an unknown destination, while also directing traffic to a pornographic site.


Microsoft's Debt to a Linux Fan, by Reuters (Wired),1367,33337,00.html
When Microsoft forgot to pay its $35 reregistration fee for the domain name PASSPORT.COM, a Linux programmer wrote out a check so that the free Hotmail service could be restored. See also The Passport Payment, by Michael Chaney, the rescuer.
Microsoft e-mail service crippled over missed billing (Infobeat)


Good Samaritan squashes Hotmail lapse? (C/Net)
A Linux user took credit for restoring service to Microsoft's Hotmail free email service, saying he paid a delinquent domain name registration fee for PASSPORT.COM when access was blocked over the Christmas weekend.


In Celebration of Christmas, Introduces .CX Christmas Island Domains, by Businesswire (CNNfn)
The ICANN-accredited registrar is among the first to offer direct search and registration services in the .CX country code domain.
Network Solutions Files for Offering, by Reuters (Yahoo News)
NSI announced a secondary offering of 7+million shares and approved a 2-for-1 stock split.


Master of Domains, but not AOL's, by Ariana Eunjung Cha (Washington Post)
Due to a "glitch" at, a domain name speculator thought he had successfully registered AOL.COM.


New Domain May Unite Europe, by Joanna Glaser (Wired),1367,33156,00.html
The European Union has proposed adding a new top level domain to the root: .EU
More Net name choices, but glitches abound, by Patricia Jacobus (C/Net)
The new shared registry system that created competition among .COM, NET and ORG registrars has raised some customer complaints
Oregon town adopts .COM identity, by Courtney Macavinta (C/Net)
HALF.COM, based in Philadelphia, has persuaded the City Council in Halfway, Ore., to rename the 360-person town after the e-commerce site, which will officially launch next year.
Registrars race to profit from longer domain names, by Patricia Jacobus (C/Net)
Most domain name registrars are now equipped to handle 61-character domain names, causing a crush for new name registrations
Corporates fight to regain domain names (Economic Times)
Major Indian corporate entities have initiated a legal battle to regain their domain names registered by other individuals on the Internet.


Names to make you a (CNNfn/Birmingham Post)
Investors get lucky with website titles.
Name your price -- a Net god says nought, by Kate Crawford (Sydney Morning Herald)
Although Melbourne IT is now worth millions, Robert Elz, the man who registered every .COM.AU name between 1989-1996 walked away from a fortune.


Korea Leverages its Homepages, by Elisabeth Witchel
The government-owned Industrial Bank of Korea will offer loans to small companies and take their registered dot-com domain names as collateral.


Litigants Use Law to Stake Their Claim in Cyberspace, by Jeri Clausing (NYTimes)
Trademark holders have begun filing lawsuits under the new US Anticyberpiracy Prevention Act.


Finally, a Palestinian Homeland (Wired),1283,32908,00.html
ICANN is expected to grant the Palestinian National Authority its own top level domain,.PS.
Internet Domain to be Assigned for Palestinian Territory, by Jeri Clausing (NYTimes)


Net Name dispute body gets first case, by Reuters (C/Net)
The first complaint seeking international arbitration to resolve an Internet domain name dispute under ICANN's UDRP has been filed at the World Intellectual Property Organization.


Firm pays $US7.5M for BUSINESS.COM domain name, by AP (AGE News)
A Houston entrepreneur sold the Internet domain name business.for a record $US7.5 million in a deal that highlights the skyrocketing pricetags of prime Web real estate.
Domain Name Real Estate Soars Higher Than Ever (Industry Standard),1151,7953,00.html
What's in a Cyber Name? $7.5 Million for the Right Address, by Andrew Pollack (NYTimes)


eCompanies plans business-to-business Net service, by Jeff Peliline (C/Net)
eCompanies paid $7.5 million to acquire BUSINESS.COM from the man who bought the domain name three years ago for $150,000.
eCompanies Pays $7.5 million for BUSINESS.COM Domain Name (eCompanies PR)
Jake Winebaum, co-founder of the Internet incubator, plans to develop business-to-business service
Domain name sold for $7.5 million, by Reuters
BUSINESS.COM sold for $7.5 million, by Frank Barnako ( )


Internet Labels Lose Meaning in Rush for Popular Addresses, by David F. Gallagher (NYT)
As competition for prime Internet addresses intensifies, .COM, .NET and .ORG are losing their original meanings in a free-for-all, the registration of the popular top level domains.
What's in a Domain? (NYTimes)
The New York Times charts the change in meaning of six gTLDs between the original intent and the current practice.


Congress passes slew of high-tech bills, by Courtney Macavinta (C/Net)
New Congressional legislation will make life easier for big business while setting aside many consumer and civil rights concerns.


Senate Oks Spending Bill With Satellite TV, Internet, and Anti-Cybersquatting Provisions, by Dugie Standeford (E-Commerce Law Weekly)
The U.S. Senate approved (74-24) the Intellectual Property and Communications Omnibus Reform Act of 1999 (S. 1948), that, among other things, protects trademark holders from online cyberpiracy.


Web-Address Legislation Called Flawed: Corporations could dominate small-firm sites, experts say. by Carolyn Lochhead (SF Chronicle)
Congress is about to expand corporate rights to Internet domain names, at the expense, say many legal scholars, of small businesses and individuals.
Senate Mulls Patent, Net Name Reform (Law News Network)
A patent reform bill and anticybersquatting legislation have been attached to the Senate Satellite Home Viewers Improvements Act which was adopted by the U.S. House on November 9.
PFIR, People for Internet Responsibility, founded
PFIR is a global, grassroots, ad hoc network of individuals who are concerned about the current and future operations, development, management, and regulation of the Internet in responsible manners.


Approaching a federated .AU, by Jenny Sinclair (Fairfax IT)
The .AU domain took a major step toward reform when Robert Elz, generally recognized as the owner of the .AU domain, signed over policy matters to the new .AU Domain Administration.


Cybersquatting: Get off my URL (BBC News)
It's hard to underestimate the value of a bite-sized, self-explanatory domain name.


Education: School net names wrangle (BBC News)
More than 70% of schools in England failed to respond to the allocation of new internet domain names by the November 5 deadline and 14% of those who responded challenged the names they were given,.


Cybersquatting Measure Attached to Satellite-TV Bill, by Jeri Clausing (NYT)
The move is aimed at fending off a threatened veto of a controversial bill to outlaw speculating in Internet addresses
Domain Bill Surfaces Again (Wired),1283,32494,00.html


When Your Name Isn't Yours, by Adam Cohen (Time),3266,33476,00.html
Regulators want to crack down on cybersquatters but may be going too far.


Agreement to End registrar's Monopoly Meets Resistance, by Jeri Clausing (NYT)
Potential competitors of NSI urged ICANN to either force changes in the DOC/ICANN/NSI Agreement or throw it out.


Net name registrars view for fairer competitive landscape, by Courtney Macavinta (C/Net)
Accredited registrars aired a firestorm of complaints at ICANN's annual meeting to alter or quash the DOC/ICANN/NSI agreement


Foundation allots $1 million for Net governance, by Courtney Macavinta (C/Net)
The nonprofit, philanthropic Markle Foundation announced that it will commit more than $1 million to improve Internet governance and to help make ICANN, the body in charge of the Net's critical address system, more accountable to Net users.
CDT Joins Partnership to Improve Public Representation in Internet Domain Name Governance (CDT)
The Center for Democracy and Technology has joined the campaign to educate\policymakers, public interest groups and the public at large about issues raised involving the management of the DNS.


Internet Pioneer and Former IETF Chair Dr. Paul Mockapetris Joins .NU Domain (.NU)
NU Domain Ltd, a ccTLD, announced that Dr. Paul Mockapetris, the inventor of the Internet's Domain Name System (DNS), has joined .NU Domain as Technical Advisor.


House Passes Cybersquatting Bill, by Jeri Clausing (NYT)
House Passes Domain Bill over White House Objections (Wired),1283,32140,00.html
The U.S. House of Representatives passed HR 3028, the controversial Trademark Cyberpiracy Prevention Act.
House Joins Senate Attack on Cybersquatters, by Elizabeth Wasserman (Industry Standard),1449,7227,00.html
Cannon Takes Lead on Cybersquatting Bill (P.R.)
Congressman Chris Cannon (R-Utah, 3rd District) supported the Trademark Cyberpiracy Prevention Act)
Congress Clamping Down on Hollywood Name Shakedown in Cyberspace, by
Faye Fiore (SFChronicle/Los Angeles Times )
Congress may rescue Hollywood from speculators who register famous names as domains and hold them for ransom in cyberspace.


Crooner Brian Evans Relinquishes Domain Names to Sinatra Family
Brian Evans, a singer/songwriter, has voluntarily given the domain names THERATPACKISBACK.COM and RATPACKISBACK.COM to the Sinatra


Web site holders surrender privacy, by Brock Meeks
Domain name registration information publicly available in the online database is being exploited and abused.


Anti Cybersquatting on the Move, by Jeri Clausing (NYTimes)
On October 20, the House Judiciary Committee will vote on H.R. 3028, a bill that would prohibit people from buying Internet domain names containing trademarks for the purpose of reselling them at a profit.


Telecom groups want more say in Net governance, by Peter Clarke (EE Times)
The International Telecommunications Union has pledged to have a greater role the governance of the Internet.
We're Running Out of Dot.Coms, by Steven Levy (Newsweek)
Good domain names have become so scarce tht the technies need to create a new approach,


What's in a Web name? Maybe as much as $1 million, by Katharine Biele (Christian Science Monitor)
Pressure is building to stop cybersquatters who buy sites and sell them for prof


Cox May Propose Net Domain for "Adult Material" by David McGuire (CNNfn)
Representative Christopher Cox, R-Calif., is planning to introduce legislation that would create a new top level domain for websites containing pornographic materials,


Griping Begins Over Domain Deal, by Brian McWilliams (Internet News),1087,3_209631,00.html
Several interested parties have already registered complaints about the new agreement inked between the U.S. Department of Commerce, Network Solutions and ICANN.
NSI Keeps Keys to Internet Domain, by John Schwartz (Washington Post)
The U.S. Department of Commerce announced an agreement in which Network Solutions, Inc. will retain control over the WHOIS database for the next four years.
U.S. Brokers Internet Agreement, by Ted Bridis (Associated Press)


Domain name door opens: U.S., Network Solutions reach deal, paving way for more competition, by Reuters (CNNfn)
After almost a year of negotiations, Network Solutions Inc., agreed on terms to let competing firms register domain names in .COM, .NET and .ORG
U.S. Reaches Deal on Internet Addresses, by Jeri Clausing (NYTimes)
NSI reaches Net name agreement with groups, by Evan Hansen (C/Net)
NSI, Commerce Dept. reach pact (USA Today)
Domain Name Agreement Finally Reached, By Elizabeth Clampet (InternetNews),1087,3_208871,00.html
Network Solutions to give rivals access to domain names database, by Reuters (SJMercury)
Network Solutions Inc. and the Commerce Department reached an agreement to allow competitors long-term access to the company's domain name database


IDirections promises free .COM registration, by James Niccolai (
IDirections will allow users to register Internet .COM, NET and ORG addresses at no charge and build a personal Web portal.
Domain names want to be free
Iperdome Blames ICANN for its Demise, by Brian McWilliams (Internet News),1087,3_207481,00.html
Iperdome Inc., which has been registering domains since 1997 under the .PER top-level domain as part of the Enhanced Domain Name System (eDNS) has suspended operations.


Domain dispute proposal counters NSI policy, by Dan Goodin
Under an alternative policy introduced by NameSecure, one of seven registrars that now competes withNSI, the challenger to the domain name must go to court, rather than thedomain holder.


NSI Mass E-mailing raises security fears, by Brian McWilliams (InternetNews),1087,3_202671,00.html
A mass e-mail solicitation about a new payment policy and new email features by Network Solutions generated a stormy reaction from some customers.
URLs R Us, by Janelle Brown (Salon)
Kight-Ridder maintans 45 separate websites.


Sony seeks musician domain names for life, by Beth Lipton (C/Net)
A controversial provision in Sony Music contracts effectively asks artists to sign away for life control of their official websites and registration of their names as a domain.


U.S. Extends Internet Names Test Period a 4th Time, by Reuters
The U.S. Commerce Department Friday extended for a fourth time the testbed phase of the shared registration system to run until September 30, 1999.


What's in a Name.COM? Plenty, by Mike France (Business Week)
After less than a year, the White House's bold experiment in Internet governance is in jeopardy.
Government Control Worries Higgins, by Tom Pullar-Strecker (NZInfoTech)
ISOCNZ chairman Jim Higgins is worried about an international move to make ccTLDs subject to the authority of national governments.
ETSI clashes with Net architects over numbering, by Kenneth Cukier
A proposal by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute that telephone numbers and IP addresses be harmonized is being studied by ICANN.


Cybersquatting: ]nterview by Brian McWilliams (Internet News Radio)
Gregory D. Phillips, counsel for Porsche A.G., and Mikki Barry, President of DNRC, discuss whether trademark owners are unfairly beating up domain registrants.


When Dot Com Isn't Enough, by Chris Oakes (Wired)
SuperRoot is one of the new root server systems being developed as an alternative to the legacy root administered by ICANN.


$1.50 Web "tax" a step closer, by Simon Hayes (The Australian)
ICANN plans to re-introduce its controversial $US1 ($1.50) domain-name fee in November, taking advantage of a cooler political climate in Washington.


Staking Your Domain, by Dan Fost (S.F. Chronicle)
A reporter looks at the choices and process of a domain name registration.
Domain name dispute policy approved, by Courtney Macavinta (C/Net),4,0-40983,00.html
ICANN approved a uniform policy for settling disputes concerning the ownership of domain names.
Internet governing body crafting guidelines on cybersquatting (CNN)


Vying for control of country-specific domains, by Courtney Macavinta (C/Net),4,40928,00.html
Representatives from 30 nations in the ICANN-baced Government Advisory Commjittee seek adoption of a policy that would would make the management of country code TLDs subject to the authority of the relevant government
Laying down the law on domain names, by Dav id Pescovitz (cnn)
Attorney Mark Radcliffe debunks some domain name registration/trademark myths.


Network Solutions Announces New Organizational Structure (NSI)
Network Solutions, Inc. announced a new organizational structure which formalizes the separation of its registry and registrar functions into two discrete business units.
Cluing Congress into Net ABCs, by Chris Oakes (Wired)
A panel of current and ex-Congressmen and those who work in the Beltway concluded that the government is trying to tame a beast it does not understand.


Unreal Estate, by John Cook (NYTimes Magazine) Million dollar sales of domain names are evidence that the supposedly limitless World Wide Web is running short on real estate.
Behave--or Lose Your Domain Name, by Mike France (Business Week0
Domain names could be the most powerful form of back-door Internet regulation without any enforcement or jurisdictional problems.\
'Dot com' dying? Nahh, by Todd Spengler (Inter@ctive Week),4164,2319079,00.html
.COM remains the 800-pound gorilla of top level domains.


Hijacking of Hate Site a Warning to Domain Holders, by Brian McWilliams (InternetNews),1087,3_187051,00.html
Ownership of a notorious anti-gay site was surreptitiously transferred to a gay friendly site by unauthorized third parties.


Group wants to assume control of .EDU domains, by Dan Goodin (C/Net)
Hackers reverse message on anti-gay web site, by Robin Lloyd (CNN)
A two=year old site, ,was hacked to re-route visitors to, featuring pro-gay material.


Network Solutions, Interliant team on services, by Reuters,4,40639,00.html
Network Solutions will team with Web site manager Interliant to share customers and offer a range of services to small and midsized businesses.
Network Solutions Expands Internationally with ORIENTATION.COM
The portal site will feature NSI's registration services on 22 country and regional portals.


Tough Luck -- Web Address Already Taken-- `Cybersquatters' sell names of companies , by Charlie Goodyear and David Lazarus (SF Chronicle)
On the Internet, your name is not necessarily yours to own.


Drug Domain Purchased for $823,456, by Clint Boulton (InternetNews),1087,3_183101,00.html
A co-founder of LinkExchange submitted the winning bid for DRUGS.COM, which fetched $823,456 at an online auction.


A Domain Name is Fair Game 'Till its Trademarked, by Jeremy Quittner (BusinessWeek Online)
"The small-business person is lulled into a sense of false security that they own the domain name.


Domain Price War Begins, by Brian McWilliams (InternetNews),1087,3_181351,00.html
A German accrfedited registrar, CSL GmbH, is offering two year registrations in .com, .net and .org at nearly 40% off of NSI's fee.
Academics Propose Takeover of .EDU Domain, by Cyrus Afzali (InternetNews),1089,3_181221,00.html
The academic-technology consortium EDUCAUSE is proposing to take over administration of Internet addresses ending in .EDU, used by colleges and universities.


Technology Consortium Pursues Takeover of '.EDU Domain, by Jeffrey R. Young (CHE)
Support for simplified domain names has been very limited, by Andrew Zajac (Sun Herald)
An entrepreneur of Dave's World has developed a new scheme for domain name resolution.


Domain Fight Causes Brown Out, by Chris Oakes (Wired)
Domain names with obvious utility to San Francisco's three leading mayoral candidates were snapped up by a local web design firm now working for one of the campaigns.
AOL does domains--finally! by Dan Goodin,4,40343,00.html
America Online, one of the five accredited testbed reqistrars, quietly began selling domain name registrations to its CompuServe subscribers.


Who's behind that dot-com? by Brock N. Meeks (MSNBC)
Domain name registrations can reveal future corporate strategy.


Steep price paid for DRUGS.COM, by Brock N. Meeks (MSNBC),4586,2310835,00.html
DRUGS.COM sold at auction for $823,456.


Million-dollar domain name? by Brock N. Meeks (MSNBC)
Auction for DRUGS.COM highlights cybersquatting issue as Senate passes a bill to prohibit the practice.
Post Office Barred from .US? by Declan McCullagh (Wired)
Representative Christopher Cox (R-CA) plans to block the U.S. Post Office from taking control of the .US domain.


Senate OKs Cybersquatting Bill (Wired)
The U.S. Senate passed the Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (S1255) sponsored by Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), which now goes to the House.
'Hey Orrin, Dot Com This', by James Glave (Wired)
Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), who co-authored the Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (S1255), has been offered the domain SENATORORRINHATCH.COM for $45,000.


Bliley targets all domain name players, by David McGuire (Newsbytes)
House Commerce Committee Chair Thomas Bliley (R-Va) launched an expanded investigation into the practices of the DOC, DOJ, ICANN and NSI.


Domain name divorce? by Brock N. Meeks (MSNBC)
A Congressional hearing attempted to unravel conflicting claims of owernship to the global domain name database.
Commerce Dept. Eyes Replacing NSI, by Randy Barrett (Inter@ctive Week),4164,2303100,00.html
In testimony before the House Oversight and Investigations Commitee, the Department of Commerce raised the spectre of opening NSI's Cooperative Agreement to competitive bid.


NetSol Irks Admins, Again, by Leander Kahney (Wired)
Website administrators complained of being unable to transfer hosts or change other critical administrative functions at the NSI site.
Commerce to NSI:Give it Up (Wired)
Commerce Dept. Eyes Replacing NSI, by Randy Barrett (Inter@ctive Week),4164,2303100,00.html
US Tells Network Solutions to Open Database (Reuters)
The U.S. Department of Commerce warned NSI that NSI has no right to restrict access to information in the domain registration database.
NSI to launch domain name directory, by Dan Goodin (C/Net),4,39696,00.html
A Planned Internet Yellow Pages Draws Federal Scrutiny, by Jeri Clausing (NYTimes)
NSI announced, a servicesimilar to yellow page business listings.


ICANN Nixed Deal To Bolster NSI Control Of Registry, by David McGuire, (Newsbytes)
In March, ICANN and the Department of Commerce rejected an offer from NSI that would have legitimized the registrar's control over .COM. See also
ICANN on this website.


House subcommittee gives NSI a grilling, by Joe Wilcox (C/Net),4,39613,00.html
The House Commerce Subcommitee on Oversight and Investigations convened to address allegations against ICANN and NSI.
Domain name registrar slammed, by Brock N. Meeks
House Committee rips NSI; threatens to revoke company's charter. See also Congressional hearings on this website.


NSI makes timely change to domain payment policy, by Dan Goodin (C/Net),4,39578,00.html
NSI is implementing payment by credit card at time of registration to curb cybersquatting.


House subcommittee to hear criticism of ICANN, NSI, by Dan Goodin (C/Net),4,39409,00.html
A variety of powerful players are expected to testify on July 22, 1999 before the House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations.
Domain Deadline Extended for Second Time, by Cyrus Afzali (InternetNews),1087,3_164041.html
The U.S. Department of Commerce pushed back the deadline to open domain name registration competition to August 6, 1999.
Sailor Talk in Net Addresses, by Ted Bridis (AP)
Smutty domain names rejected by NSI, are being accepted for registration by a new testbed registrar.
Dot what? The Name Game, by Penelope Patsuris (Forbes) is going up against NSI, which has registered 5 million domain names.


$$$.COM, by David Streitfeld (Washington Post)
The path to marketing success on the Internet may be a generic domain name.


Prankster gives away Excite's domain (Salon)
Network Solutions transferred two domain names to an unsuspecting network administrator
Domain registrar cleans up names, by Dan Goodin (C/Net),39153,00.html
One CORE registrar has curbed the practice of registering obscene names after it was reported by the press.
Domain names get dirty, by Dan Goodin (C/Net),4,39098,00.html
CORE, a testbed registrar, is allowing regisration of obscene domain names which have been heretofore prevented by NSI.
NSI rivals open Washington lobbying effort, by Dan Goodin (C/Net),4,39113,00.html
Approximately 20 U.S. registrars have hired a Washington firm to lobby Congress before it opens a new round of hearings on Internet administration.
Network Solutions Put on Alert, by Brian McWilliams (Internet News ),1087,3_160301.00.html
The U.S. Department of Commerce was critical of NSI in a letter submitted to Rep. Thomas Bliley.
Third trial domain registrar goes online, by Dan Goodin (C/Net ),4,38900,00.html
CORE (Internet Council of Registrars) became the third testbed registrar to plug into NSI's new shared registry system.
More Network Solutions rivals named, by Courtney Macavinta (C/Net),4,38801,00.html
ICANN accredited 15 additional registrars to compete with NSI.
Cybersquatters Battle Back, by Brian McWilliams (InternetNews),1087,3_156711,00.html
Domain holders are testing various defense tactics when challenged by trademark owners.
NSI's Web site hacked, by Courtney Macavinta (C/Net),4,0-38721,00.html
Hackers Redirect Network Solutions Sites, by Jeri Clausing (NYTimes)
Hackers hit Net address system web site, by Will Rodger (USA Today)
Network Solutions Cracked, by Oscar Cisneros (Wired)
NSI Falls Prey to Hackers (InternetNews),1087,3_155511,00.html
Hackers redirected NSI's visitors to ICANN and to CORE, one of its future competitors for .COM registrations. The FBI is investigating the hack.
Playing domain name hide-and-seek, by Dan Goodin (C/Net),4,38576,00.html
With the establishment of the new Shared Registry System for .COM, .NET and .ORG, NSI's WHOIS is no longer the authoritative place to find out whether a domain name already has been registered.
Second "test bed" domain registrar goes to work, by Dan Goodin (C/Net),4,84-38606,00.html
Internet Names WorldWide, a division of MelbourneIT, because the second testbed registrar to begin selling domain names in .COM, .NET and .ORG.
EU probes NSI for antitrust violations, by Dan Goodin (C/Net),38546,00.html
The European Union isinvestigating whether NSI's new registrar agreement violates Continental antitrust laws.
RealNames To Appear On Internet Explorer, by Malcolm Maclachlan (NYT)
Microsoft signed a two-year deal to use Centraal's RealNames system on both Internet Explorer and the Microsoft Network portal properties.
Domain battle comes to a head (C/Net),5,38421,00.html
Months of painful wrangling over the control of the DNS have led to a painful stalemate.
Domain registry trial period extended, by Dan Goodin (C/Net),4,38409,00.html
New Internet address registration system delayed (SunWorld)
Domain Name Game Goes into Extra Innings (InternetNews),1087,3_145821,00.html
The Department of Commerce announced a three week extension of the Shared Registry System trial period to provide more time for the five testbed registrars to assure that the new system is stabile, reliable and robust.
Who will police domain names on the Internet? by Howard Mintz (San Jose Mercury)
Legitimate, competing claims to trademarks are a thorny issue.


Senator Proposes Ban on Cybersquatting, by Elizabeth Clampet (InternetNews),1087,3_142451,00.html
Senator Spencer Abraham (R-MI) proposed the Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act on June 18, 1999.
Players Jockey for New Top-Level Domains, by Brian McMillian (InternetNews),1087,3_140121,00.html
A new landgrab for TLD space is on the horizon.
Company Offers Personalized Addresses for NYC Residents in Rarely Used Domain, by Elizabeth Gardner (InternetWorld)
New York City residents are being offerred an e-mail account with, for $5 a month, courtesy of American Convergent Technologies, of Norwalk, Conn.
Competition in the Name Game, by Jeri Clausing (NYT)
Internet Registration Competitor Goes Online, by Reuters (TechWeb), is the first ICANN-accredited reistrar to begin accepting registrations for.COM, .NET and .ORG.
Network Solutions Registers Five Millionth Address (Reuters),1087,3_33702_Ext,00.html
NSI took four years to register the first million domain names, 15 months for the second, 6 months for the third, 4 months to reach four million mark, and less than 3 months later to hit five million.
Run on Domain Names Foiled, by Lindsey Arent (Wired)
Members of a London computer club registered 75,000 domain names before being caught and reprimanded by Network Solutions officials.
Domain Name Registrars Can't Compete 'Til June, by Mary Mosquera (TechWeb)
It may be mid-June before interoperatability issues are worked out in the shared registry system.
All URLs lead to, by Alan Eisner (ZDNet ),4586,2259350,00.html?chkpt=hpqs014
Not for Sale:, by Reuters (Wired)
Presidential candidate is snapping up domains -- from to
See also GWBUSH.COM dispute on Domain Diaries.


Cone of Silence: ICANN or Internet democracy is failing, by John Horvath (Telepolis)
The process to hand over government control of the Internet to a private body has been rife with problems that various sides are continually struggling to deal with.


Net number system at a crossroads, by Courtney Macavinta and Dan Goodin (C/Net),5,0-36425,00.html
The critical resource of the Internet's underlying structure are numerical addresses, the Internet protocol numbers.
What Do You Name a Net Firm? The Choices Are Dwindling, by Andrew Marlatt (InternetWorld)
At least 100 Internet-related companies have announced name changes in 1999.
Who owns WHOIS database? by Chris Oakes (Wired)
The Justice Department renewed its investigation to determine if NSI violated US antitrust law by claiming sole ownership of a database of Internet names and addresses. See also:
"Dirty" domains turned over to court, by Goodin (C/Net),4,36083,00.html
NSI agreed to turn over more than a dozen obscene domain names to a federal court pending litigation.
Justice Department expands NSI antitrust probe, by Courtney Macavinta and Dan Goodin (C/Net),4,36116,00.html
The U.S. Justice Department is expanding a two-year antitrust investigation of Network Solutions and looking into the whois database.
Domain restrictions target Cybersquatters, by Courtney Macavinta (C/Net),4,35983,00.html
The World Intellectual Property Organization released its recommendations for curbing "cybersquatting," which would require domain name registrants to provide accurate contact information and pay for names up front.
NSI's ban on "dirty" domains challenged, by Dan Goodin (C/Net),4,36003,00.html
Los Angeles-based Seven Words filed suit against ICANN and NSI in March 1999, claiming that NSI's policy not to register the so-called seven dirty words violated First Amendment guarantees of free speech.
Lawsuits: Free the Domain-Name 7, by Chris Oakes (Wired)


World Body Proposes Outlawing Cybersquatting on Internet Addresses, by Jeri Clausing (NYT)
Who's been registering by Courtney Macavinta (C/Net),4,35932,00.html
Dave Davidson is trying to attractventure capital and press for his upcoming service,, by registering the names of online industry heavyweights and tech reporters and relinquishing the names after they hear his pitch.
New Names in Registrar Race, by Will Rodger (Inter@ctiveWeek),4164,401208,00.html
A group of telecom and Internet interests will offer Internet address registration services in competition with NSI beginning in June.
NSI keeps Centraal within reach, by Courtney Macavinta (C/Net),4,35871,00.html
Two-year-old Centraal provides a popular alternative to a .com domain name.
Domain name glitch plagues users, by Chris Oakes (Wired)
The first day of the new shared registry system began with technical problems for customers making changes to their domain name records.
NSI may still dominate domains, by Sandeep Junnarkar (C/Net),4,0-35605,00.html
Network Solutions has the marketing muscle, infrastructure, and experience to survive
and thrive in the new shared registry system.
Making a Mint on WALLSTREET.COM, by Craig Bicknell (Wired),1367,19285,00.html
Players Sportsbook and Casino, based on tiny Margarita Island off the coast of Venezuela, paid $1.03-million in an auction for the rights to WALLSTREET.COM
Killings Spark Rush On Domain Names, by Malcolm Maclachlan (TechWeb)
In the wake of the mass killings at a Colorado high school, some Internet users have registered domain names and keywords related to the event
Who's King of the Domains Now? by Chris Oakes (Wired)
NSI's stock rebounded when Wall Street learned who the new registrars were and how much they had paid to work the registry.
Five Domain Name Registrars Chosen, by Saroja Girishankar (InternetWeek)
AOL among new domain registrars, by Dan Goodin and and Sandeep Junnarkar (C/Net),4,0-35420,00.html
The five companies that were named as "testbed" competitors to Network Solutions are AOL, CORE, France Telecom/Oleane, Melbourne IT, and
NSI skyrockets on fee collection decision (C/Net),4,35457,oo.html
NSI stock soared 52% on news it reached an interim agreement today with the Dept. of Commerce that allows it to charge a one-time $10,000 connection fee for rivals and an $18 fee to list an address in the registry of domain names for two years.
Will NSI rivals have a fair chance? by Dan Goodin (C/Net ),4,35420,00.html
Critics of the plan to establish a shared domain registration system for .COM, .NET and .ORG say it will fail to put the new competitors on equal footing with NSI.
New top-level domains on horizon, by Paul Festa (C/Net ),25,35221,00.html
The Internet Engineering Task Force proposes to create four new TLDs strictly for the use of testing DNS-related code.
NSI readies company profile service, by Tim Clark (C/Net),25,35228,00.html
Network Solutions announced that it will launch a service in June which publishes additional information about companies that have registered for URLs.
Domain Name List Is Dwindling, by Declan McCullagh (Wired)
A Wired News investigation found that the .COM versions of nearly all the standard dictionary words have been registered., by DeclanMcCullagh (Wired)
Analysts Rip Network Solutions, by Craig Bicknell (Wired)
The Aberdeen Group published a
critical report* detailing "unacceptable flaws" in Network Solution's domain-termination practices and administration.
* Aberdeen Bites Back (April 6, 1999)
Master of your domain? by John Berger (SFExaminer)
The battle for stylish and strategic Internet addresses heats up.
An unscientific test of the dot-com theory, by John Berger (SFExaminer)
Combining a topic with .com sometimes yields strange results.
NSI alters InterNIC domain site, by Dan Goodin (C/Net),4,34909,00.html
NSol Faces $2 Registry Fee Bid (Asensio & Co)
NSI seeks authorization to charge ICANN's accredited registrars $16 per year per domain name registration to operate a shared registry service.
NSI may blink in domain page dispute, by Courtney Macavinta and Dan Goodin (C/Net),4,34794,00.html
NSI met with Commerce Department to discuss the registry's heavily criticized move to fold the InterNIC website into its own online corporate operation.
NSI, Commerce discuss domains, by Dan Goodin (C/Net),4,34643,00.html
Cybersquatters' face domain eviction, by Associated Press (ZDNet),4586,2236772,00.html
Network Solutions purged 18,000 registrations that it suspected were held by speculators.
UN Domain Name Proposal Rankles, by Will Rodger (Inter@ctive Week),4164,2234668,00.htm
The World Intellectual Property Organization has developed a a controversial proposal to arbitrate domain name disputes.
NetSol Spams Name Holders, by Leander Kahney (Wired)
Network Solutions irked scores of web administrators by sending unsolicited email to domain-name holders to describe changes in the NSI website.
Network Solutions Registers Dissent, by Michael Martinez (ABCNews)
A vocal outcry greeted NSI's launch of a new site on March 20, which replaced the InterNIC WHOIS access with a host of new services available through its own NETWORKSOLUTIONS.COM
Domain names are property, court rules, by Courtney Macavinta (C/Net),4,34329,00.html
Domain names are property and can be garnished to pay off a debt, a Virginia court ruled in the
NTIA, ICANN Frown Over NSI's InterNIC Takeover, by Michele Masterson (InternetNews),1087,3_85721,00.html
TALK.COM isn't cheap, by James Ledbetter (CNN)
The new magazine, Talk, will have to negiate with Wired if it wants to host its web site at TALK.COM.
Domain Lookup Site "Vanishes", by Chris Oakes (Wired)
Web Management Company Raises Feds' Ire, by Ted Bridis (SJMercury)
Competitors Cry Foul Over New NSI Site (TechWeb)
Network Solutions Unveils Controversial Site, by Michele Masterson (InternetNews),1087,archive_3_83921,00.html
Rivals criticize merged NSI, InterNIC site, by Dan Goodin (C/Net),4,34090,00.html
Network Solutions Hijacks the InterNIC, by Elizabeth Wasserman (Industry Standard),1449,3933,00.html
Network Solutions wins legal victory, by Larry Neumeister (ZDNet)
U.S. District Judge Robert P. Patterson of Manhattan ruled that Network Solutions is protected from anti trust claims, filed by PG Media, because it is acting at the behest of a federal agency.
Name.Space to appeal NSI dismissal (Bloomberg News),4,33962,00.html
See also
links to court documents on this website.
Network Solutions case dismissed (Bloomberg News),4,33915,00.html
A Domain by Any Other Name, by Melissa Kozlowski (Law News Network)
Domain name registration is about to change dramatically as a variety of new registrars enter a new competitive system.
Long-awaited domain application released, by Dan Goodin (C/Net),4,33715,00.html
ICANN has released the application for companies that wish to compete with Network Solutions and provide registration services for .COM, .NET and .ORG.
Israeli Court Freezes Sex Domain, by Tania Hershman (Wired)
The Israeli Supreme Court has frozen the use of the SEX.CO.IL domain names while it weighs the complaint of a taxi driver whose registration was rejected.
The Postal Service Wants .US, by Declan McCullagh (Wired)
The US Postal Service told the U.S. Department of Commerce that it is prepared to manage the nation's .US top-level domain names.
Not Necessarily InterNIC, by Heidi Kriz (Wired)
Some domain name brokers bury disclaimers while other sites materially misrepresent InterNIC services.
Domain evolution moving forward, by Courtney Macavinta (C/Net),33324,00.html
ICANN adopted guidelines to spur competition in .COM.
NSI Confirms Domains Mistakenly Shut Down, by Brian McWilliams (InternetNews),1087,3_75671,00.html
NSI mistakenly deactivated some domains in its monthly review of unpaid registrations.
Network Solutions Angers Domain Holders, by Brian McWilliams (InternetNews),1087,3_75171,00.html
Some Network Solutions' customers complained after their domain names disappeared from root servers, reportedly for non-payment of registration fees.
Move Puts NSI on Defensive, by Saroja Girishankar (InternetWeek)
NSI's decision to restrict access to its zone file database sparked criticism.
NSI antitrust woes not over yet, by Dan Goodin (C/Net),4,32865,00.html
The anti-trust lawsuit filed against NSI in March 1997PGMedia accused NSI has stalled over legal and procedural issues raised by the U.S. effort to privatize Internet administration.
The Master of Domain Names, by Michael Surkan (PCWeek),4586,285837,00.html?chkpt=zdnnsmsa
PC Labs conducted an onsite evaluation of NSI's infrastructure.
Proposal on Internet Names Favors Corporate Interests, by Jeri Clausing (NYT)
A Miami law professor released a 55-page critique of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) RFC-3 recommendations for domain names.
NSI Database Restriction Raises Alarms, by Randy Barrett (Inter@ctive Week),4164,2213166,00.html
Network Solutions' decision to restrict access to the top level domain zone files is causing protest among other domain name services who describe the action as anti-competitive.
Govt. Considers Commercial Use of .US Domain, by Brian McWilliams (InternetNews),1087,3_69971,00.html
The U.S. Department of Commerce has called a public meeting for March 9 in Washington, D.C. to discuss the future administration and management of the .US domain name space.
Companies Decry NetSol Policy, by Chris Oakes (Wired)
Domain speculation crackdown draws fire, by Courtney Macavinta (C/Net),4,32591,00.html


How ".com" became .$$$, by Courtney Macavinta (C/Net),5,32326,00.html
An interview with Dr. Donald Telage, Senior Vice-President of Network Solutions, Inc.
Domain Name Registry Up fo Bids, by Saroja Grishankar (TechWeb)
ICANN released a set of guidelines that would qualify new registrars for .COM, NET and ORG.
Williamsburg woman is ruler of hundreds of Web sites, by Peter Dujardin (Daily Press)
Virginia woman who has registered 667 domain names at $70 each admits she has "made a killing on the Internet."
Database bill raises constitutional flags, by Courtney Macavinta (C/Net),4,32085,00.html
Congress will decide whether database owners should get copyright protection for the public facts they compile, catalog and resell, e.g., court rulings, phone directories,stock quotes, and possibly the .COM/NET/ORG database.
Requirements for Internet Registrars Announced (NYT)
ICANN announced its criteria for companies who wish to be among the five selected to participate in the test phase of NSI's new shared domain name registration system.
Surge in .NU Domain Registrations Funds a Tiny Nation's Free Internet Services (Yahoo)
.NU, the fastest growing domain name registry in the world and its parent organization, the Internet Users Society, have announced an agreement to provide free Internet services to all residents of the Polynesian island-nation of Niue.
Domain name glitch hits 10,000 names, by Dan Goodin (C/Net),4,31507,00.html
A Canadian man temporarily gained unauthorized control of more than 10,000 Internet addresses following a glitch that struck a database maintained by InterNIC.
Speculators Inundate InterNIC, by Chris Oakes (Wired)
Network Solutions announced that groups spamming InterNIC with fraudulent name registrations are tying up the service.
Lottery May Decide Competition in Internet Name System, by Jeri Clausing (NYT)
ICANN may use an international lottery to pick the five companies that will get the first shot at registering domain names when NSI's sole franchise for .COM, .NET and .ORG opens to competition.
NSI confirms database revisions (C/Net),4,31273,00.html
NSI announced its decision to exclude some information from its WHOIS database to improve recent performance problems.
Domain name "little guys" fight back, by Dan Goodin (C/Net),4,31189,00.html
A nonprofit Web site that successfully rebuffed demands by Colgate Palmolive to relinquish its AJAX.ORG domain name, is organizing an alliance to help other registrants of modest means stand up to trademark owners.
NSI domain slowdown persists, by Dan Goodin (C/Net),4,31091,00.html
Network Solutions is experiencing problems processing new orders, and customers have complained that they are unable to register new domain names.
World body aims to end "cybersquatting", by Reuters (C/Net),4,30939,00.html
In March, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) will present to ICANN a new proposal for new system aimed at ending "cybersquatting" of domain names,


Positive response seen to new plan for Internet domain names, by Robert Evans (Nando Times),1643,7331-12664-89077-0,00.html
In March, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) will present to ICANN a new proposal for new system aimed at ending "cybersquatting" of domain names
Domain conflicts spawn trademark service, by Dan Goodin (C/Net),4,30851,00.html
NAMESTAKE.COM, owned by Thomson & Thomson, has developed a service that enables users to screen potential domain name addresses for trademark infringement.
Former Clinton officials address Net issues, by Courtney Macavinta (C/Net),4,30780,00.html
Ira Magaziner and Christine Varney, both former offcials of the Clinton Administration, still remain proponents of industry self-regulation for protection of online privacy and other Internet issues.
Tuvalu's Dream of Internet Millions from Domain Name "TV" Not Delivering the Cash, by Michael Field (Pacific Islands Report)
The tiny island of Tuvalu has not received the $50 million contracted by a Canadian company to register domain names under .TV. Negotiations on a restructured deal are underway.


Internet Speculators Target Politcians, by R. F Rainey (NYT)
Speculators have scooped up more than three dozen domain name variations of George W. Bush, hoping to profit from the governor's political future.
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