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This self-aggrandizing page lists book reviews, author quotes, website referrals, presentations, interviews and citations from The Domain Name Handbook: High Stakes and Strategies in Cyberspace and the co-authors, Ellen Rony and Peter Rony.

If you are an editor and wish to review The Domain Name Handbook, please contact R&D Books directly and send your name publication, and mailing address.


Jim Moran,, Chicago, Illinois (July 2000)
This is the most comprehensive resource for domain name dispute case studies to date. Ellen Rony and Peter Rony do a masterful job of exposing the many pitfalls that could spell disaster for anyone wishing to set up shop online today. This 650-page book is packed with extensive information about many of the legal challenges that have been waged over the registration and use of domain names, including alleged copyright violations, trademark infringement, and actual court cases.

Himy Syed, Toronto, Canada (May 2000)

A powerful book on the historiography of the world wide web. The Domain Name Handbook is an enlightning introduction to the subject of the Domain Naming System's liberation from a single organisation to a world of domain name competition and a biting indictment of the current flip-flop on the important question of expanding the domain name space.

Bill Henson, retired ATT (August 1999)

I am thoroughly enjoying your book. It is a wealth of information not found between any other two covers. I was especially intrigued at how thorough Procter & Gamble was at gleaning all possible Domain Names that had anything to do with anything. I wonder how they missed Keep writing.

Fred Wilf, Saul Ewing Remick & Saul, Berwyn, Pennsylvania (January 1999)

Easy-to-read overview of a complicated area. As a lawyer who practices trademark law on the Internet, including domain name issues, I was very happy to see this book explore complicated areas like Internet governance, domain numbers and names, and trademark issues, all in an informative and easy-to-read style that does not talk down to the reader.

Carl Oppedahl of Oppedahl and Larson, Frisco, Colorado (July 1998)

An excellent, important book. The Domain Name Handbook provides comprehensive information about Internet domain names. It gives in-depth accounts of many domain name disputes, including analyses of the harms caused by the trademark domain name policies of Network Solutions, Inc.

Ron Burk, "Books in Brief," Windows Developer's Journal (October 1998)

Much of the book is about the politics of domain names, but, for better or worse, those politics are going to affect your current and future domain name decisions, so its worth having at least a passing familiarity with what's happening. Finally, the book is a fairly painless way to get a high-level grasp of the basic mechanisms of the Web: domain name system (DNS), IP addresses, and so on.

Jane of YNotNetwork (October 8, 1998)

"This book is worth reading for the test cases alone. You'll find out about some of the creative solutions that have been tried... such as registering trademarks in Tunisia, which takes only 1 day and a few hundred dollars. You'll find out how InterNIC's policies have been taken on legally. You'll find out how you are vulnerable. You'll also find out how the courts are attempting to level the playing field between big business and the "little guy". This really is a must-read for anyone who values their domain and doesn't want to give it up at the first sign of a lawsuit. "












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