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Below is a non-exhaustive list of links to Year 2001 news reports about the domain name system, in reverse chronological order. A few links may no longer be available, while others may require a password or fee to access their archives.


Internic finds demand brisk for dot-name domains, by Robert Thompson (National Post), a Canadian registrar, is currently accepting applications for .NAME domains.


Sold to the highest cybersquatter, by Julie Wheeler (ISP Planet)
Opportunities for cybersquatting are proliferating as new domains are created, but that may change under the ACPA.


Mastering your own domain is the dot-name of the game, by Robert L. Brewer (Nashville Business Journal)
The London-based domain name registry for .NAME, Global Name Registry Ltd., announced the dates and procedures designed to protect trademark owners, prevent consumer confusion and minimize unfettered opportunism in the new TLD space zoned for use by individuals,

19-Dec-01 finds ally for domain effort , by Evan Hansen (C/Net)
New.Net plans to add Europe's 7.5 millionTiscali to a growing list of Internet service providers that support its unconventional TLDs.


Addressing Authorities Finalize ,AERO Domain Contract, by David McGuire (Newsbytes)
In signing a contract clearing the way for .AERO to join the worldwide naming system, ICANN president Stuart Lynn effectively rejected the argument that the air travel industry - rather than the larger air travel community - is unfairly allowed to control the new TLD.
AuDA to auction rare domain names, by Vivienne Fisher (ZDNet Australia)
The Australian Domain Authority has launched an auction process for 3006 domain names (e.g., SHOPPING.COM.AU, SPORT.COM.AU) which were previously classified as generic and therefore unavailable for registration.


Change of Distribution Methods for .BIZ Domain Names on Registry Reserve (NeuLevel)
NeuLevel plans to accept new IP claims for the .BIZ domains that are the subject of litigation in California under allegations of an illegal lottery.


Firm buys Hecht Web domain, by Laura Ernde (Herald-Mail)
Gen-X Strategies, a Virginia company that develops Web sites for conservative candidates registered SUEHECHT.COM/NET/ORG to block the politician's use of her own name.


Address Authorities Order VeriSign To Alter .Com Promo, by David McGuire (Newsbytes)
ICANN announced that VeriSign's offer of cash incentives for high volume registrars violated the terms of its agreement to administer the .COM TLD.
Canadian Domain-Name Authority Scrutinizes Sellers, by Steve Bonisteel (BizReport)
The Canadian Internet Registration Authority is seeking public comment on proposals for a certification process for companies that resell domain names.
Tony 'Del Boy' Blair flogs second-hand domain names, by (
The UK government, through the Treasury Solicitor's Department, has begun selling off the domain names of bankrupt companies.


AusRegistry Wins .AU Tender , by David Frith (Computer Daily News)
AusRegistry, a subsidiary of RegistrarsAsia, won the tender for registry services for Australia's .AU second level domain names.
Kangaroo domain court, by Kieren McCarthy (Register)
A joint venture between RegistrarsAsia and Afilias has been awarded the,,, and second-level domains and deepening the controversy regarding the administration of .AU.


'Sucks' online is a good thing: official, by Kieren McCarthy (Register)
Despite millions of people understanding what the term "sucks" means in slang, WIPO arbiters have found justification to prevent third parties from registering the term appended to a trademark as a domain name.


No special rights given for famous Web names, by Stephanie Sim (IDG News Service)
A Beijing Intermediate People's Court ruled that the China Internet NetworkInformation Center did not have the right to reserve Chinese domain names for companies that are well-known and ordered the administrator of .CN to treat all domain applicants equally.
EU Plans ICANN Study, by Monika Ermert (Heise)
The study will focus on both selection process for new TLDs as well as election process for the at-large community.
Nominet begins issuing .UK DRP Decisions (Nominet)
Nominet has begun posting decisions under its new dispute resolution policy for the .UK domain.


Kraft Gobbles Up PEZ Collector's Domain Name, by Steven Bonisteel (Newsbytes)
Kraft Foods, which uses markets confections sold in Europe under the "Sugus" brand prevailed in a UDRP proceeding against the person who registered his Sugus nickname for hosting a website for collectable PEZ dispensers.
Sites Forlorn When Reborn as Porn, by Jeffrey Benner (Wired)
A growing number of local governments, church groups and nonprofit organizations have recently seen their homepages turned into smut dens when they forgot to renew the domain names which were snapped up by pornographers.


Dot-info domain name is intuitive, by Zlati Meyer (Silicon
The .COM is crowded but there's room in .INFO.
VeriSign looking for a RealName, by Skinny DuBaud (C/Net)
Rumors that VeriSign will acquire RealNames, which has been hawking a similified naming system for years.
NHL's Pittsburgh Penguins Win Over Porn Site In Domain Dispute, by Michael Bartlett (Washington Post)
NHLPENGUINS.COM was registered without the club's permission by a Russian company that linked the Web address to pornographic sites and asked for a minimum of $550 to purchase the domain name.


Registration rules tighten for .INFO domain, by Andy Sullivan (Reuters) and Afilias Makes Changes To Sunrise Policy, by Jim Wagner (Internet News)
Afilias, the .INFO registry, announced that it has tightened up registration rules in preparation to bulk challenge the validity 10,000 domain names registered during the trademark Sunrise period.
Say It With a Dot: Domain Names Make Easy Gifts, by Dina ElBoghdady (Washington Post)
With more than 100 firms registering domain names these days, the competition among them makes for a bargain hunter's delight.
Australian domain name war escalates, by Vivienne Fisher (ZDNet Australia)
Web hosting company NetRegistry has filed a complaint with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission alleging deceptively misleading marketing practices by Melbourne IT and Internet Name Group.
VeriSign to Acquire NameEngine and 1GlobalPlace (VeriSign)
Acquisitions expand the corporation's suite of digital services. See also: VeriSign Introduces Broad Range of Services for Establishing & Managing Trusted Brands in the Digital World
VeriSign Unleashes Watchdog Service (
A new digital brand management service in partnership with several digital surveillance companies will monitor the internet for misuse of registered domain names.
Help! I've Lost My Domain Name! by Lee Hodgson (eCommerce Base)
Those who forget to renew their domain names learn that their rights expired along with the domain name.


VeriSign to play domain-name watchdog, by Stefanie Olsen (C/Net)
VeriSign plans to introduce services that help guard companies' brands online, diversifying its own revenue in the face of a potential lag in its domain name registrar business.
Afilias Tweaks Plan To Challenge Fraudulent .INFO Addresses, by David McGuire (Newsbytes)
Afilias estmates it will file arbitration challenges against roughly 10,000 of the more than 50,000 names registered during the sunrise period. See Sunrise Challenge Policy )Proposed)
Trademark rules tightened for .INFO domain, by Reuters (Silicon


Agency pushing .CA web domain Registration campaign, by Mark Evans (National Post)
he Canadian Internet Registry Authority is under pressure to increase its marketing efforts to help make the .CA TLDas well known as .COM.
Web address disputes deemed unfair, by Gwendolyn Mariano (C/Net)
Montreal-based eResolution said it could not find enough customers, thanks to athe dispute-resolution process that unfairly favors trademark holders and large corporations over individuals.
Mammoth IPv6 Lab Planned, by Isaac Hillson (CommWeb)
Cisco will lead a consortium of industry and academic institutions in building an IPv6 research network infrastructure funded by the European Commission (EC).


.PRO Contract Nearing Completion, Operators Say, by David McGuire (Newsbytes)
A contract formally authorizing the creation of a global .PRO TLD will be completed by early 2002, according to the registry.
Biz appears to be slow for new Net domains, by Mark Webster (Buffalo Business First)
Few area businesses seem to be in a rush to secure the rights to new domains ending in .BIZ or .INFO.
Big guys usually win best addresses, by Joe Salkowski (Chicago Tribune)
Arbitrators favor trademark holders.


Public TV station claims domain name grab is extortion (Daytona Beach News Journal)
Northwest Indiana public television station WYIN's domain name, was purchased by a Lithuanian company offering links to pornographic sites and a $550 resale price.


Afilias Deletes .Info Domain Names After Glitch, By Brian McWilliams (Newsbytes)
A software glitch at the .INFO domain registry operated by Afilias briefly allowed faulty registrations of 237 domain names that had fewer than the required three characters,


ADNS Warns Internet Users Not To Fall for Internet Scam Involving the Top-Level Domain .USA (ANDS)
AGN Domain Name Service issued a warning against TLD Networks, which purports to be the only place to register a .USA domain.


ICANN Completes Dot-Coop Deal, by David McGuire (Newsbytes)
The National Cooperative Business Association will operate the .COOP TLD that will be reserved for cooperative companies.


Researchers probe Net's 'dark address space', by Kevin Poulsen (Register)
Broadband customers and US military systems are the most common victims of an online phenomenon dubbed "dark address space," which leaves some 100 million hosts completely unreachable from portions of the Internet.
First .MUSEUM Internet Addresses Go Live, by David McGuire (Newsbytes)
For now, the only active addresses ending in .MUSEUM belong to the Museum Domain Management Association (MuseDoma) which operates the TLD registry.


Non-U.S. Internet operators fight for independence, by Reuters (Silicon
Some managers of ccTLDs see ICANN as an impediment to their independence, others see the corporation as vital in asserting themselves with local governments.
New.Net Distends Domain Name Dynasty, by Julie Wheeler (ISP Planet)
The fiesty alternative domain name registrar oppugns ICANN's insolence toward determining new top level domains, but ISPs hold the key to making potential TLDs universally resolvable.


Tech Security Officials Visit Key Net Facility, by David McGuire (Newsbytes)
Deputy Commerce Secretary Sam Bodman and White House electronic security advisor Richard Clarke toured the secure VeriSign facility as part of an ongoing effort to gauge the security of the nation's privately operated critical infrastructure


Dead Education Dots becoming Porn sites, by Karen Ellis (editorial)
Ways to bury unusued education websites with dignity.Govt.


Dot-Biz Is Finally in Business, by Joanna Glasner (Wired)
The debut of NeuLevel's .BIZ comes a month after the introduction of .INFO.


Million Dollar Domain Name Comes to Life as Free Drugs Portal (Internet News Bureau)
DRUGS.COM, a domain name valued in the millions of dollars, has gone online with a content-rich pharmaceuticals search and information portal.
The Tiniest Dots on the Web, by Stewart Taggart (Wired)
Administrators of .HM, .BV, and .SJ, assigned in the Internet's early days to a series of frozen, isolated, largely uninhabited islands pounded by polar winds in the Arctic and sub-Antarctic, are disinterested in cashing in on the TLDs.


Dot-Kids, or Dot-Kids R US? (Wired)
House lawmakers are considering a bill to establish a top level domain for child-appropriate content.
Lawmakers Propose .KIDS Compromise, by David McGuire (Newsbytes)
Congressional lawmakers suggested amending the .KIDS proposal to create a .US subdomain, KIDS.US.


Lawmakers Consider .KIDS-.US Compromise, by David McGuire (Newsbytes)
Congressional lawmakers are considering authorizing a child-friendly addressing space within .US as part of the proposed "Dot Kids Domain Name Act of 2001".


Government Cedes Control Of .EDU To Non-Profit Group, by David McGuire (Newsbytes)
The U.S. Commerce Department's National Telecommunications and Information Association signed a five-year cooperative agreement designating Educause, a not-for-profit group representing more than 1,800 universities, colleges and higher education groups, as the new manager of the .EDU TLD.
Government Awards .US To NeuStar, by David McGuire (Newsbytes)
The U.S. Commerce Department today awarded control of .US to NeuStar, a Washington-based firm that is one of the co-operators of the .BIZ TLD. See also: NTIA Purchase Order Award to NeuStar to Manage .US
NeuStar Inc. to administer .US domain, by Andy Sullivan (Silicon
The award sets the stage for greater development of what has been up to now online backwater reserved for local governments, schools and libraries.
Farewell Tuvalu, by Andrew Simms (Guardian)
The Pacific island state of Tuvalu, which sold rights to its .TV domain for $50m, it is about to lose its real one to global warming.


Pornography Takes Over Financial Site for Children, by Susan Stellin (NYTimes)
Ernst & Young, producer of the game MONEYOPOLIS.COM, learned that pornographic images had been posted at an alternate Web address for MONEYOPOLIS.ORG, which has been under new ownership after the domain name expired during the summer.
NeuLevel gets .BIZ domain back on track, by Reuters (ZDNet)
The .BIZ registry cleared a legal hurdle when plaintiffs in a lawsuit failed to post an $800,000 bond ordered by the court to prevent the assignment of domain names.


Hold on .BIZ domain names lifted, by AP (
A court-ordered hold on up to 58,000 .BIZ domain applications will be lifted after an Arizona radio disc jockey and a Los Angeles company failed to come up with the half of the required $1.6M bond.
Dot-info making a name for itself, by Wendy McAuliffe (ZDNet)
More than half a million customers have registered a .INFO domain name during the first 90 days of operation, according to the registry, Afilias,

23-Oct-01 Targets Hollywood with .movie... Oh, and it Bought FirstLook, by Ben Fritz (Digital Coast Daily) is now linking new movie titles off a .MOVIE domain to the official studio site.


Registration for .BIZ Is Delayed, by Susan Stellin (NYTimes)
Open registration for .BIZ domain names has been pushed back to November 7 to allow more time to test the registration system, according to NeuLevel.
Internetters requests Afilias to publish challenges to domain applications (Europemedia)
UK registrar Internetters has requested the .INFO registry to publish challenges to trademark applications that were made during the Sunrise period, since many of the registrations were fraudulent.


.MUSEUM domain ready for launch, by Reuters (ZDNet)
MuseDoma, a nonprofit body backed by the International Council of Museums and the J. Paul Getty Trust in Los Angeles, will manage .MUSEUM, which goes live in November.


The Wait Continues For New Top-Level Domains, by Bob Liu (InternetNews)
The .BIZ registry will go live November 7.
Ukraine's national domain name restored, by Roman Olearchyk (Kyiv Post)
After almost a decade of negotiation and scandal, local firms have been authorized to begin registering second level .UA domain names.


ICANN Finalizes Contract For .Museum Domain, by David McGuire, Newsbytes
.MUSEUM is the first "sponsored" TLD contract approved by ICANN.
Launch of .Biz Web addresses pushed back to Nov. 7, by Elinor Mills Abreu (


For Sunrise Registrants in .info TLD, Remainder of 2001 Will Be Waiting Game (BNA)
It appears that the early challenges to Sunrise .INFO registrations largely involves skirmishing for domain names in which nobody has any trademark rights at all.
VeriSign, RealNames push keyword browsing, by Stefanie Olsen (C/Net)
VeriSign will make keywords, which allow direct navigation in non-English languages. available to its domain name registrars by the end of the year


Businesses get more domain-name options, by Robert Mullins (SJ Business Journal)
The market will ultimately decide how useful the new TLDs are.


.INFO land grab overwhelms registry, by Paul Festa (C/Net)
Afilias, which deferred its .INFO registrations when its system was overwhelmed the first day of real time availability, extended the suspension a second day after continued efforts to bring its system up to speed.


America's Cyberspace Address: A Multimillion-Dollar Lost Opportunity, by Bennett Z. Kobb (Civil Rights Forum)
The US government will soon turn over control of .US free ofcharge to the organization chosen to exclusively manage the domain.




Internet Vulnerable to Terrorists, Experts Warn, by Dina ElBoghdady (Washington Post)
The terrorist attacks prompted ICANN to begin exploring how to secure the domain name system critical to routing web traffic and e-mail.
NeuLevel: Dot-Biz Deadline Rollback Unrelated To Lawsuit, by David McGuire (Newsbytes)
NeuLevel said its move to postpone the official launch of .BIZ had nothing to do with a lawsuit NeuLevel is fighting in California, but rather was made in response to the turmoil that followed the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.
Registrar Advisory: Internationalized domain names to go live (VeriSign)
VeriSign Global Registry Services (GRS) intends to move forward in the Internationalized Domain Name Testbed by placing the IDNs directly into the .com, .net and .org zones starting October 27.


VeriSign empire's new territory: Net IDs, by Ben Heskett (C/Net)
VeriSign, looking to expand its presence in the nascent convergence between the Internet and traditional telephone network, acquired Illuminet Holdings in a $1.2 billion deal,
New UK domain rules save Internet's soul, by Kieren McCarthy (Register)
The changes to Nominet's domain resolution service (DRS) for .CO.UK domains, the registrar's first major overhaul since 1997, include the introduction of independent judges.


IE upgrade jams domain name deal, by Stefanie Olsen (C/Net)
A new feature in Internet Explorer 6 is cutting off traffic to Microsoft-backed RealNames and domain name company XTNS.
Melb IT dispute with auDA flares, by Kate Mackenzie (Australian IT)
Registrar Melbourne IT and the new Australian domain name authority are heading into arbitration after Melbourne IT refused to fund an increase in auDA's budget.


Sunrise Challenge 'Poker Game' Begins For .INFO Domains, by Steven Bonisteel (Newsbytes)
WIPO has begun to process challenges to domain registrations filed during the Afilias sunrise period for owners of registered trademarks. See also: Sunrise Challenges in .INFO - Listing of all Challenges
Attacks May Heighten Focus On Pending .US Bid, by David McGuire (Newsbytes)
In the surge of patriotic emotion that has followed the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, the battle over who will operate the long underused .US TLD may take on heightened significance


VeriSign CEO confirms plans to buy Illuminet (Total Telecom)
VeriSign plans to integrate its Web directories business with Illuminet's telephony infrastructure, enabling the company to deliver location-based telephone services to its customers. See also corporate PR: VeriSign to Acquire Illuminet
Market grows for expired domain names, by Reid Kanaley (Philadelphia Inquirer)
The rush to register an ever-dwindling supply of catchy domain names has fueled a rush for expired Web addresses.
New USSR domain names to cost as much as E16,441, by Michael Novkov (EuropeMedia)
Registration costs for .SU domain names will reach as high as US$15,000 (E16,441) during a Sunrise period and will be reduced to $100 five months later.
Internet expanding by leaps and .INFO (The Star)
.INFO domain names have been activated.

20-Sep-01 And Applied Semantics Make "DomainSense", by Michael Singer (
The new service uses the combined technology of both companies to give customers linguistically relevant domain name alternatives when their first choice is not available.


VeriSign bars "offensive" Net name auctions, by Erich Luening (C/Net)
VeriSign is halting some auctions of domain names related to lthe terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in an effort to remove sites it finds "offensive."


Sites shun new domain names, prefer .COM, by Anick Jesdanun (
Relatively little interest has been shown in the new TLDs, .INFO and .BIZ.


Most Net suffixes to work by November , by Reuters (C/Net)
Although all seven domains approved in November 2000 by ICANN could be online by January of next year, another set of new domains for at least a year after that,
'Dot-Info' Opens To Public On Wednesday, by David McGuire (Newsbytes)


Internet suffix .ORG isn't just for non-profits (San Jose Mercury)
A task force established by ICANN concluded that .ORG serves a role well beyond non-commercial organizations and it should not become a restricted TLD.


Flint police website used for pornography (Michigan Daily)
A pornographer purchased the former domainname of the Flint Police Department, after the latter decided to make its website part of the city's web presence.


UN body admits its powerless to right many domain name wrongs (Ananova)
The World Intellectual Property Organisation says it lacks the clout to protect names not subject to commercial law.
Trademark law clashes with domain rights, by Associated Press (C/Net)
A new WIPO study says little can be done to protect celebrities, places or brand names because they don't have the advantage of trademark law.
Elz era ends in domain, by Kirsty Needham (
Robert Elz lost control of Australia's domain name system to ICANN after the Federal Government rejected his request for the Government to take over the custodianship instead.
Mailout sparks domain naming row, by Adam Gifford (New Zealand News)
An Australian company, Internet Name Group, is accused of charging too much -- $250 Australian ($301) --for a service which is available considerably cheaper elsewhere, and that money is non-refundable if they don't get the name,


Young Gandhi's Crusade Is Dot-In, by Manu Joseph (Wired)
Tushar Gandhi, the great-grandson of the legendary freedom fighter, is using .IN (India) to remind modern Indians about a forgotten concept called nationalism.
U.N. Body Urges Stronger Rules on Cybersquatters, by Reuters (NYTimes)
The World Intellectual Property Organization proposed broader rules to protect celebrities and international organizations from misuse of their names on the Internet.
New U.N. study says untrademarked domain names are unprotected (Silicon
U.N. body urges stronger rules on cybersquatters, by Robert Evans ( Silicon
IANA report supports .au transfer, exposes rift, by Jenny Sinclair (IT)
The current administrator of .AU, Robert Elz, expressed concern that Australian authority, auDA is still not fully formed and not ready to take control over the ccTLD.




Sun Makes Claims on Domain Names, by Susan Stelling (NYTimes)
A law firm representing Sun Corporation sent letters to registrars demanding hat they refuse applications for .BIZ domain namescorresponding to more than three dozen of their trademarks, including SUN.BIZ.


One-Fourth Of '.Info' Addresses May Be Frauds - Study, by David McGuire (Newsbytes)
University of Minnesota Professor , Robert Connor, determined that 15 to 25% of 11,500 .INFO domain names registered during the "Sunrise" period may have been obtained fraudulently and added a new term to the cyberspace lexicon, "Sunrise squatters".
Domain Name Goldrush Part 4 - Expiring Domains Industry on Hold, by Lee Hodgson (eCommerceBase)
On August 10, VeriSign suspended the "batch" release of deleted domain names. and put the entire expiring domains industry on hold until further notice.


25,000 .INFO names taken before Sept 12 launch for Net domains, by AP (The Star)
Individuals and organisations say they're being shut out because many of the good domain's won't be available by the time registration is opened to them.


Companies Move To Register .INFO Domains, by Thor Olavsrud (InternetNews)
More than 60 percent of registrations made during theSunrise Period exclusively for trademark ownershave been filed outside of the U.S.
As .COM Gets Company, a Rush For Addresses, by Leslie Walker (Washington Post)
The .INFO and .BIZ names are stirring a great deal of interest and controversy as they near the end of the pre-registration periods set up to protect trademark holders.


ZA Domain Registration Goes Competitive (Africa News Service)
Namsspace South Africa is a non-profit company organized to administer the South African ccTLD.


Law Expert Charges Bias In Domain-Dispute Arbitrations, by Steven Bonisteel, (Newsbytes)
Michael Geist has produced a comprehensive analysis of fast-track arbitration and concludes that the methods used to select the arbitrators who rule on UDRP cases have had a dramatic impact on who wins and who loses. The complete study is available at:


Net domain name strain, by Associated Press (MSNBC)
Plans to add New features and languages to the DNS are stretching it beyond its practical limits.
Entering a new 'Net domain: Is .BIZ worth the effort and cash? by Stacey Higginbotham (Sacramento Business Journal)
Opinions differ on whether it's worth a small-businessperson's effort and money to jump into the complex, two-step registration procedure that's an administrative headache.


Celebrities, fans line up for .names, by Reuters (C/Net)
The first assigned .NAME domain names will go live in mid-November, but the Sunrise period officially opened.


.INFO registry to evict cybersquatters, by Reuters (C/Net)
Afilias says that it will seek to recover domain names from dishonest applicants who grabbed hundreds them before registrations were made available to the public.
Afilias to Challenge Questionable Sunrise Registrations in .INFO (Afilias PR)
Operators of new .,INFO Internet suffix initiate challenges for good names, by AP to Manage .AG, .SC Domains, by Ryan Naraine (Silicon Alley)
Nic AG operates the .AG top-level domain for Antigua and 6th Dimension is the marketing agent of the .SC registry for the Seychelles.
Iperdome Relinquishes Claims to .PER; To Seek Reparations from ICANN (Iperdome)


ICANN adviser brings diplomatic expertise to Net governance, by Mary Anne Ostrom
Carl Bildt, a former Swedish prime minister, came to Silicon Valley seeking ideas for the future of at large membership of ICANN.


Renting out Web names garners big bucks, by Reuters (C/Net)
Nick Koustas has become a cyber landlord by leasing out popular generic domain names to companies willing to pay tidy sums to hold the names for a limited amount of time.


Whois in Dot-Info? Everyone, by Joanna Glasner (Wired)
The .INFO WHOIS database, which tracks registrations during a Sunrise period only for trademark owners, shows that a vast number of generic-sounding words have already been claimed.


Airlines Collide In International Domain Name Dispute, by Steven Bonisteel (Biz Report)
A dispute over SPIRITAIRLINES.COM pits two airline companies of the same name against each other.
Afilias Looks Into '.Info' Fraud Allegations, by David McGuire (Newsbytes)
Afilias said that the company is sorting through the thousands of pre-registrations it has accepted in order to determine whether there is widespread fraud among Sunrise applicants.
Congressional Leaders Demand New Internet Domains, by David McGuire (Newsbytes)
The Republican and Democratic leaders of the House Energy & Commerce Committee and the Internet Subcommittee sent a joint letter to U.S. Commerce Secretary Donald Evans urging the creation of new Internet domains.
Net users irate over .iINFO cybersquatters, by Reuters (C/Net)
The Sunrise period set up by Afilias for new .INFO domain names has drawn the ire of the Internet community who say desirable generic names have been awarded to applicants who have no trademark claim to them.


New Non-English Domains Deal Criticized, by Max Smetannikov (Interactive Week)
The Internet Engineering Task Force is proposing a protocol that will make names written in code other thanEnglish-friendly ASCII equally routable through DNS servers,
Unrecognized domains want to be sanctioned (Houston Chronicle)
Despite the relatively limited reach the new names offer, the desire to stake out a unique piece of Internet real estate is strong. Named as Provider of EarthLink's Domain Services (BusinessWire)
New.Net Introduces Web Addresses for Hispanics announced 21 new TLDs for Spanish -speaking Internet users, among them .AGENTE, .ARTES, .CIA, .DEPORTE, .ESCUELA, .FAMILIA, .JUEGO, .TEC and .XXX.


A Lottery to Win Web Domain Names May Be Unfair (CNN transcript)
According to Esther Dyson, "t's a punt. They're just saying, well, we don't want appear to be unfair, so we'll makeit a lottery. But then, your chances of winning the lottery are higher if you try more times."


Obscenities Live in New Domains, by Joanna Glasner (Wired)
Choice obscene domains are once again up for grabs in the new TLDs, and . many registrars are taking a customer's choice approach to vulgar domain names of all stripes.
Finally, Chicago's master of its domain name, by Howard Wolinsky (Chicago Sun-Times)
A 28-year-old Chicago entrepreneur paid "in the mid-six figures'' for CHICAGO.COM.


Nonprofit Firm Could Guide .US, by Jonathan Krim (Washington Post)
Three companies bidding for the right to administer .US have agreed to propose a coalition of nonprofit and quasi-governmental groups set policy for the TLD.
NSI Supports Forcing All Domain Disputes to Virginia (EFF)
Registry NSI has filed an amicus brief in an EFF case between Canadian parties supporting the position that .COM domain registrants, wherever located, should be forced to defend their domain names in Virginia simply because the registry is located there.
Domain-name dealer puts porno link on hold, by Richard Lawson (Tennessean Business)
A Canadian businessman temporarily shut down an Internet link that took viewers to pornographic websites after learning he was using a domain name that formerly belonged to a Christian record label.
Domain name providers profit from essential internet product, by Jean Albert (
Despite the slow Înternet market, registrar has a tidy nest egg:of $183m (E208m) in cash.


ICANN considers anonymous registration, by Wendy McAuliffe (ZDNet-UK)
ICANN has posted an online survey of the WHOIS databas to address privacy concerns and assess the feasibility of allowing individuals and companies to register domain names anonymously in the future.
ICANN approves plans for .NAME domain, by Reuters (C/Net)
Consumers will be able to reserve their personal names as domain names like JOHN.DOE.NAME and e-mail addresses like" starting in late August,


Domain land rush - Registries for .INFO and .BIZ accepting applications, by Verne Kopytoff (SF Chronicle)
Online consumers will soon have the opportunity to homestead new Internet territory outside the traditional dot-com realm.
Head Domainz man took large payout , by Adam Gifford (NZ News)
Former Domainz chief executive Patrick O'Brien picked up almost $170,000 in five months from InternetNZ,before departing to head up a Singapore Internet company.


Sites gambling on new domains, by Tom Fowler (Houston Chronicle)
Companies are estabishing dozens of TLDs that are not officially sanctioned by ICANN.
U.S. closes bidding on .US domain bids. by Reuters (Silicon Valley)
The winner, to be held accountable to the US government, will be announced by November 10.
Businesses enter new domain with .BIZ, .INFO, by Stacey Higginbotham (Austin Business Journal)


Dot-Info: The Race Is On, by Joanna Glasner (Wired)
In the next 30 days, anyone trademark owner can to pay reserve a dot-info domain through an exclusive procedure intended to inhibit cybersquatting.
RISOTTO.COM: Yours for $25,000 in "fire sale", by Reuters (C/Net)
Internet incubator WebMagic announced a bargain sale on 300 common domain names such as OVEREATING.COM, BIRTHCONTROL.NET and ASTROLOGIST.COM
Step up for ..INFO domains, by Mark Ward (BBC)
Dot-Biz: An Illegal Lottery? by Joanna Glasner (Wired)
See details and other links on "Legal " on this website
WebMagic Offers 300 Key Internet Domain Names for Sale (PR Newswire)


Government Plans Expanded Use Of .US Domain, by Jonathan Krim (Washington Post)
The U.S. government is moving to broaden the commercial use of .US with a plan opposed by a coalition of nonprofit and consumer groups.
There's No 'I' in .US, by Jim Wagner (
espite opposition from nearly every sector of the American population, the National Telecommunications and Information Administrationis enforcing its July 26 deadline for its giveaway of the .US domain.
Congressmen Seek '.Kids' Address for Internet (Reuters)
Rep. John Shimkus, an Illinois Republican, and Massachusetts Democratic Rep. Ed Markey have introduced a bill that would require the quasi-governmental body that administers Internet addresses to create a .KIDS Internet domain.
Track Data goes old skool and sells domain name, by Kieren McCarthy (Register)
Track Data, a publicly traded company that has been a supplier of electronically delivered financial information since 1981, sold itsTDC.COM domain name to Danish phone company Tele Denmark Communications for $1 million.


Battle rages over planned sale of net domain, by Anthony Shadid (Boston Globe)
Dot Controversy Hits US, by Juliana Gruenwald (Interactive Week)
The Dept of Commerce is taking proposals to open .US to broad registration, but the plan and its timing have come under fire.
Singapore Mulls Rules For Domain Name Disputes, by Adam Creed (Newsbytes)
The Singapore Network Information Center Pte Ltd (SGNIC) issued a consultation paper seeking industry input into a framework for settling .SG domain name disputes.
New Scam Seeks Unwary Domain Holders (Whampreneur)
Domain holders should beware of notices claiming their domains need to be renewe
ICANN directors irate over .NAME email "monopoly", by Kevin Murphy (ZDNet UK)
Over recent weeks, registrars have expressed serious reservations over the amount of control Global Name Registry will have over .NAME emails.


Registrars Refute 'Domain Slamming' Charges, by Jim Wagner
Domain slamming gets its name from the practice of some telephone companies of switching long distance service providers without informing the customer.
Domain Names Add IP Challenges, by John Hoogesteger (City Business Journal)
As two new TLDs open up, companies now are faced with having to navigate two separate registration systems, deal with climbing cost issues and face ongoing trademark challenges.


VeriSign Accuses Competitors Of 'Slamming,' Turns To ICANN , by David McGuire, (Newsbytes)
VeriSign is accusing some of its largest competitors of improperly poaching customers through the SRS transfer process.
Dot-US Belongs to All of Us (LA Times Editorial)
Commerce Secretary Donald L. Evan should delay hasty action on privatizing a valuable public resource, .US.
See also: Letter to Secretary of Commerce from the Public Policy Committee of the Association for Computing Machinery
Trading Value of Korean Domain Names Remains Mystery, by Gregory C. Eaves (Korea Times)
Korean domains are popping up right next to listings of corporations' main home pages.


Officious domain demands not really official, by Jill Vardy (National Post)
The Internet Registry of Canada was forced to change its marketing practices after critics claimed its mailings appeared to come from a government department.


Companies need to be masters of their domain. by Mark Gordon (Times-Union)
Businesses and organizations are concerned that they could be victims of cybersquatting.


.US Domain Registrations Now Available at (Business Wire) has opened its doors for business and is registering .US domains for all businesses and individuals.
IETF stays course on international domains, by Carolyn Duffy Marsan (
Developing a standard for how multilingual names are communicated across the Internet's existing infrastructure is a top priority of the Internet Engineering Task Force, the Internet's premier standards-setting body.


Cities must own names: ministers, bySelina Mitchell and Kate Mackenzie (Australian IT)
Australian governments will press AuDA to ensure every own is guaranteed access to its own name.


Gov to fight town cybersquatters, by Megan McAuliffe (ZDNet Australia)
To protect Australian states, territories, cities and towns against commercial cyber-squatters, the NSW Government is proposing that commercial operators may use a geographic name only if it has a prefix that identifies it as a business.
Internet top level domain .EU regulation goes ahead, by Ana Pano (
The European Parliament adopted at its plenary session a report aimed at clarifying the proposed regulation which lays down a framework for creating a .EU Registry through contracts with ICANN.


Domain money hot to dot, by Penny Brown (
More than two million people pre-registered domain names in .BIZ and .INFO in just two weeks.
Melbourne IT in new domain Sandra O'Malley (The Age)
Registrar Melbourne IT, with a 10% stake in NeuLevel, reported that in the first quarter of 2001, domain name registrations ncreased by 30 per cent compared with the fourth quarter of last year.
Trade Agreement Draft has Domain Name Dispute Language, by Juliana Gruenwald (ZDNet)
The draft text of the Free Trade Area of the Americas agreement proposes requiring operators of ccTLDs in signatory countries to adopt the controversial UDRP for settling trademark disputes over Internet domain names.


Competing Domain Name Registries Creating Tower of Cyber-Babel, by James Ledbetter (
Identical names outside ICANN's jurisdiction have been claimed at different registries.
Connecting the Dots--Replanning For New Domains, by Matt Hicks (eWeek)
With two new TLDs set to go live, trademark owners are already feeling overwhelmed.


Facing top level challenge, by Matt Hicks (ZD Net)
CEO, Stuart Lynn, defends ICANN's policy-making processes.


Bill Seeks New Online Protection For Children (Information Week)
Legislation has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives which calls for the creation of a .KIDS TLD to designate child-appropriate websites, althoughdefinitive guidelines for what is and isn't appropriate haven't yet been established. See HR 2417 on the Thomas locator.
More Easy riders on the domain name storm, by Kieren McCarthy (Register)
The Easy Group is attempting to take over domains beginning with "easy"


Dot UNameIt, by Randall E. Stross (US News)
Greedy would-be domain namers spell Web confusion.
Internet Domain Arbitration Body to Debut (Korean Times)
The Korean Ministry of Information will establish an arbitration body to oversee dispues in the .KR TLD.
New .EU domain edges closer to reality, by Kieren McCarthy (Register)
The European Council has agreen on the proposal to establish a .EU TLD as soon as possible.

New domains see windfalll, by Juliane Gruenwald (ZDNet)

Pent-up demand for new names and services could help drive interest in the seven new top level domains.
Multilingual domain name usage lags, by Carolyn Duffy Marsan (Network World)
Technical difficulties and a lack of industry standards are hampering corporate use of internationalized domain names.


New Domain Names Ease Congestion, by Rod Scher (Smart Computing)
Right now the domain name situation on the Internet is something like the state of telephone numbers in the 1950s.


New domain names get sceptical reception, by John Cradden (Irish Times)
If the proposed .EU domain registry is established, it will provide serious competition to the oversubscribed .COM name for companies operating within the European Union.
New Internet domains fall flat, by Carol Tice (Puget Sound Business Journal)
Asian registries plug .BIZ domain, by Reuters (C/Net)
Bill Would Require ICANN To Create '.Kids' Domain .by David McGuire (Newsbytes)
U.S. RepresentativesJohn Shimkus (R-Ill.) and Edward Markey (D-MA). introduced HR 2417, legislation that would force Internet addressing authorities to create a .KIDS domain that would be designed to serve as a safe online haven for children.


Dot-debuts seen online , by Kate Mackenzie (Australian IT)
The first of the new domain names, .BIZ and .INFO, were added to DNS root servers yesterday after ICANN's decision to introduce the new names was approved by the US Department of Commerce.


2 New Internet Suffixes Join Dot-Com Crowd, by Karen Kaplan (LA Times)
The two TLDs .BIZ, for business, and .INFO, for general use, will be added to the root service today but won't be in wide use until fall.
Domains .BIZ, .INFO go live, by David Legard (IDGNet)
EU Ministers Spar Over Spam, Agree On .EU, by Ned Staffor (Newsbytes)
The issue of .E" as Europe's own TLD has strong support within the European Commission and appears on a relative fast track for approval..
Dot-Biz Activated as Rival to Dot-Com, by Ed Sutherland (News Factor)
EBay Halts Auction of Web Address, by Associated Press
Internet auction site eBay halted an auction of a Web address named for the woman accused of drowning her five children.


European Parliament endorses '.EU' domain (
The European Parliament's industry committee has adopted a report that would give the .EU the same presence on the internet as individual member countries already have but would allow, in some cases, national governments registration toblock registratios to prevent separatist movements from setting up independent organizations within the TLD.

A rose by any other name gets exclusive domain access on Net. by Agence France-Presse (Inquirer)

Personal domain names maylead to fundamental change to the way children are named.


Domain names can draw deluge of junk e-mail, by Anick Jesdanun (Beacon Journal)
Registering your Internet address could mean giving up some privacy.

Trying to Win a New Name Game, by Susan Stellin (NYTimes)

Now that the dot-com distinction has been tarnished by the technology sector's decline, it is perhaps timely that two new TLDs are on their way.
Cos change domains as prices fall, by Snigdha Sengupta (New Economic Times)
Domain registration companies, which mushroomed by the hundreds in the heyday of dotcoms, are now diversifying their services to survive the dotcom meltdown.


.BIZ domain registration a complete shambles, by Kieren McCarthy (Register)
NeuLevel's approach to domain resolution has been described by one industry figure as "decision by committee gone mad".
Ukraine's Domain in Dot-Dispute, by Julia Barton (Wired)
The .UA TLD is in serch of a new administrator.
Is VeriSign trying to shaft the .BIZ domain? by Kieren McCarthy (Register)
VeriSign stands to make enormous gains if the .BIZ brand is damaged before it even takes off.
Avoid Domain Name Disaster by Amellia Costello (Internet.Works)
Steps to take to when your domain name registrar goes bust.
The Domain Name Goldrush Part 3 - Wild Wild West, by Lee Hodgson (eCommerceBase)
ICANN registrars and assorted partners have awakened to the booming expiring domains ndustry and are trying to get a piece of this pie.
Online voting for nine members of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority board runs June 22-June 28. All owners of .CA domain name registrations are eligible to vote.


Competition heats up for .BIZ domains (Total Telecom)
Wrld leader VeriSign Inc. began offering pre-registration for the new TLD.,.BIZ, and other registrars will soon accept pre-registrations.
Domain standoff tests ICANN, by Kate Mackenzie (Australian IT)
The .AU Domain Authority, auDA, appealed to ICANN to resolve the issue of who administers the .AU space. threatens to change Internet forever. by Kieren McCarthy (Register) is selling itself as another DNS provider and the future of the Internet, where the market controls the Internet's main product - domain names.


Getting Out of Dot-Nowhere. by Joanna Glasner (Wired)
Administrators of the A root have been facing increasing pressure from proprietors of unauthorized top level domains who want to be added to the Interenet's main thoroughfare.
VeriSign Gets Down to .BIZ(ness), by Sam Costello (Industry Standard)
VeriSign has begun accepting applications for .BIZ for a non-refundable $5 fee.
Internet registrars begin offering .BIZ domains, by Elinor Abreu (Silcon Alley)
Trademark holders will have priority opportunity on the new suffix, and any new domains will not be live on the Internet until after Oct. 1.
Dot-Info to Go Live First, by Joanna Glasner (Wired)
Officials at Afilias, the registry charged with overseeing the rollout of .INFO, said they intend to take the domain live on Sept. 19.


New Domain Names to Hit Europe, by James Ledbetter (IStandard), announced that it will make available ten new TLDs: ..ARTS, .SCHOOL, .CHURCH, .LOVE, .GOLF, .AUCTION,.AGENT, .LIP, .LIC, and .SCIFI.
Novel net domains court controversy, by Mark Ward (BBC News) warns that the net's coordinators will soon have to change the way domains are given out as growing numbers of people turn to domains that sit outside the core domain system.
Firm turns missing kids' site into porn, by Chris Morris (Canadian Press)
The US organization that runs HEIDISEARCHCENTER.ORG, a sitededicated to finding missing children, lost its domain name to an adult porn site after it expired and was registered to another party.


What Domain Holders Really Want .by Joanna Glasner (Wired)
VeriSign released its current lists of the 10 most-requested .BIZ and .INFO domains.
Lining Up for the Dot-Biz Bazaar, by Joanna Glasner (Wired)
t remains to be seen whether the arbitration of contested .BIZ domains will follow the same pattern as .COM sites.
ACCC seeks halt to domain name piracy, by Xavier La Canna (Age Online)
Tthe Australian Competition and Consumer Commission called for or a global crackdown against cybersquatting and new rules to force registrants to show a legitimate interest in the domain names they seek.


Country domain chiefs prefer jaw-jaw to war-war, by Andrew Orlowski (Register)
The ccTLDs will not be leaving ICANN, but the price of good relations seems to be fully fledged support-organisation status for the country code registrars, and at least one seat on the board.
Companies vote 2:1 in favour of UK names
According to a survey by the national registry, Nominet UK, of companies planning to register a domain name within the next 12 months, twice as many were intending to register one ending ,UK as .COM.


Internet's reclusive pioneer hangs on to keys to Web, by Kirsty Needham (Biz-Tech)
Robert Elz, who plugged Australia into the Internet, has refused to relinquish his historic guardianship of .AU to a new regulatory body.
New domain names don't make it easier for parents, by Larry Magid (SJMercury)
After hearing the pros and cons for restricted TLDs .KID and .XXX, the writer thinks its a bad idea. See also: Compromise suggested for .XXX domain
Is the Demand for Dot Com Really Gone? (Business Wire)
An auction for FINANCIALSERVICES.COM generated a top bid of $235.000, which was below the reserve set by the domain name registrant.
German domain registry warns against .DE billing scam. by John Lettice (Register)
German domain registry DENIC eG has issued a warning about a scam that takes the form of a letter designed to convince people they have to pay DM270 in order to keep their .DE domain for another year.


Melbourne IT offers new domain names (PR)
Melbourne IT will offer registration services for the new domain spaces, commencing with the pre registration phases for .BIZ and .INFO.


Alternate Domain Names Concern Businesses, by Juliana Gruenwald (ZDNet)
Concern over TLDs offered in alternative root servers dominated the ICANN meeting in Stockholm.
University throws .co into domain mix , by Reuters (C/Net)
La Universidad de Los Andes, which has managed Colombia's ..CO since 1991, is inviting bids from companies to market the ccTLD internationally as an alternative to ..COM.
Multilingual Domain Names and the Law, by Doug Isenberg (InternetWorld)
Although 920,000 multilingual names have been registered, some members of an ICANN committee are concerned that VeriSign's test program could create standards for these internationalized names that may not be acceptable for widespread use by other registries.


auDA at impasse with Elz, by Kate Mackenzie (Australian IT)
Ñegotiations have broken down between the AU Domain Authority and Melbourne University programmer Robert Elz to who has been the .AU administrator since 1986.
Why Unicode Won't Work on the Internet: Linguistic, Political, and Technical Limitations. by Norman Goundry; edited by Nicholas Carroll (Hastings Research)
Mystery surrounds .ORG.AU domain delegation delays, by Barry Park (IT)
The Australian Domain Autrhority (auDA) noted significant delays in registering a new domain name, or redelegating an existing in .ORG.AU but explained that it is not responsible for the backlog.
EU goes against flow in quest for new Web domains, by Reuters (
The European Union is moving forward with plans to create the .EU TLD, whose main feature is its strong geographical connotation.
The Man Who Bought The Internet, by Fred Vogelstein (Business 2.0)
Stratton Sclavos'company, Verisign, has erected cyberspace's largest toll booth and is now poised to extract a usage fee from just about everyone


ICANN's I Can't Attitude Alienating Internet Community, by Jim Wagner (Internet.News)
ICANN's ambitiousagenda for its Stockholm meeting is likely to fuel the flames of many critics who claim the Internet's technical coordinator is overreaching its authority and alienating the worldwide community. Calls for Greater Reliance on Competitive Market Forces in Governing the Internet Domain Name System (NewNet)


Patent flap slows multilingual domain name plan, by Carolyn Duffy Marsan (CNN)
The IInternationalized Domain Name working group of the Internet's standards-setting body, IETF recently learned that a Michigan start-up received a patent on Jan. 30 that appears to cover many aspects of thetechnical solution developed by the group.


NTIA Announces Solicitation for New .US Registry Manager and Coordinator
SB1335-01-Q-0740 solicitation will result in a single, no-cost (to the Government) purchase order for the work currently being performed on behalf of the U.S Department of Commerce. Other details on this solicitation are posted on ICANN Watch.
Commerce Department Urges ICANN To Add More New Domains, by David McGuire (Newsbytes)
Commerce Secretary Donald Evans urged ICANN to step up the creation of new Internet domains to complement the increasingly crowded gTLDs. See also: Letter from Secretary Evans to ICANN.
NAF accused of unjustifiable money grabbing, by Kieren McCarthy (Register)
The National Arbitration Forum has been accused of pocketing money for a case over TOBACCO.COM although the complainant dropped the case.
,NAME Operators Hope For Summer Registry Approval , by David McGuire (Newsbytes)
The Global Name Registry which received the right to operate the new new TLD .NAME expects to ink final contracts and begin registering addresses before the end of ummer,
Redwood City hospital offers babies their own domain name, by Putsata Reang (SJMercury)
A profoundly weird 7-month promotion offered by Sequoia Hospital in conjunction with registrar NameZero.
VeriSign Pulls the Plug on Domain-Policy Mailing List, by Thor Olavsrud (InternetNews)
VeriSign abruptly shut down the long-running domain policy listserv and immediately removed five years of archives.
VeriSign Ends Critical Discussion, by Associated Press (Wired)
New domain names up for grabs, by Mike Langberg (SJ Mercury News)
.BIZ and .INFO will be rolled out gradually. 
Political cybersquatting: who owns what, by Kieren McCarthy (Register)
The UK political factions are cybersquatting on one another.
New Economy: Pact Raises Competition Questions, by Susan Stellin (NYTimes)
VeriSign will be allowed to continue operating the .COM registry while also competing with other companies in selling those domain names to the public.
Commerce Department OKs VeriSign Contract , by Tom Perrotta (InternetWorld)
The U.S. Department of Commerce approved VeriSign's revised agreement with ICANN on May 18 after making a few changes.
VeriSign Announces First Phase of .BIZ Domain Name Registration Roll Out (MSNBC)
VeriSign keeps dot-com monopoly (Total Telecom)
Can you get a new domain name? by Lisa M. Bowman (C/Net)
Grabbing a domain name in a new ICANN-approved TLD may be more difficult than you expect.
AOL wins right to Aimster domain name, by Kieren McCarthy (Register)
Aimster, the music software company must now hand over AIMSTER.COM, AIMSTERTV.COM and AIMSTERTV.NET to the online giant, AOL.
Register trademarks "ster", by Kieren McCarthy (Register)
UK publication goes "ster" crazy because the National Arbitration Forum told Aimster to relinquish its domain to AOL after deciding it infringes AOL's trademark.
Homeschool Gets Sex Education, by Katie Dean (Wired)
Home Education Magazine lost its domain name, HOME-ED-PRESS.COM, to a porn site when it failed to renew its registration with Network Solutions.
Smoking pistol unravels VeriSign domain name stitch-up, by Andrew Orlowski (Register)
A pair of emails have surfaced which reveal that ICANN's outside counsel, Joe Sims, laid the groundwork for the revised ICANN/VeriSign Agreement.
Markey Questions VeriSign, ICANN Deal, by Jim Wagner (
Reps. John Dingell (D-MI) and Edward Markey (D-MA) sent a letter to Donald Evans, DoC Secretary asking for clarification on the Department's definition of competition with respect to the revised agreement.
DoC Clears Landmark Verisign-ICANN Deal, by Jim Wagner (
US approves VeriSign-ICANN Web domain deal-source (Yahoo News)
Rights to the .NET registry would be open to competitive bidding in June 2005, 6 months earlier than originally planned.
VeriSign Commends U.S. Department of Commerce Decision to Approve New Registry Agreements (VeriSign)
Commerce Ready To Approve ICANN-VeriSign Deal , by David McGuire (Newsbytes)
Congressmen Sound Off on VeriSign Deal, by Tom Perrotta (InternetWorld)
Two U.S. congressmen expressed their dismay at the pending ICANN/VeriSign agreement in a letter to the Secretary of Commerce, saying that the proposal "incorporates a most unusual technique for encouraging competition."
FTC Consumer Alert: Hot Dot? Not. Domain Name Registration Scams
The Federal Trade Commission advises consumers to avoid domain registration services that guarantee preferential treatment in the allocation of new top level domain names and "unapproved extensions".
Mum's the Word in VeriSign Domain Talks, by Tom Perrotta (InternetWorld)
The waiting and closed-door dealings between the Department of Commerce, VeriSign and ICANN are reminiscent of the secretive process that resulted in the agreement under review.
NeuLevel Receives ICANN Accreditation for .BIZ, by Roy Mark (
VeriSign May Ditch Domain Deal, by Aaron Pressman (Industry Standard)
After meeting with the Department of Commerce, sources say VeriSign may consider abandoning the revised agreement with ICANN.
Domain Deals Nearly Done, by Joanna Glasner (Wired)
DOC officials are moving closer to agreement on the ICANN/VeriSign deal.
NeuLevel ready to open for .BIZ-ness, by Reuters (ZDNet)
NeuLevel can begin the process of making .BIZ addresses available, with the TLD becoming active by October.
New Domains .BIZ, .INFO to Debut, by Mary Mosquera (InternetWeek)
Review of Revised Internet Names Contract, by Susan Stellin (NYT)
No decision has yet been made by the Department of Commerce regarding the revised ICANN-VeriSign Agreement.
ICANN and Afilias Sign Off on .INFO (Afilias)
New unrestricted TLD expects to launch in late June.
VeriSign will likely get federal OK to keep .COM registry, by Mary Anne Ostrom (SJMercury)
The Commerce Department signaled that it would approve a controversial agreement to allow VeriSign to maintain exclusive control for several more years of the .COM registry.
Commerce Department's Kassinger on VeriSign Web Plan, by Reuters (C/Net)
US. Commerce Department General Counsel Theodore Kassinger said in a prepared statement that " We...are pleased with the progress and are confident that an agreement can be reached in the near term.''
NeuLevel Receives ICANN Accreditation for .BIZ (NeuLevel Press Release)
A Plan to Expand Internet Addresses, by John Markoff (NYTimes)
Cisco Systems unveiled software for IPv6, a next-generation Internet routing system capable of providing a multitude of Internet addresses for each human on the planet.
Congressmen Back ICANN-VeriSign Pact, by Tom Perrotta (
U.S. Congressman Rick Boucher, D-Va., and Sen. John Warner, R-Va., from NSI's home state sent letters to the Department of Commerce urging it to approve the ICANN-VeriSign deal.
VeriSign's Fate to Be Determined on Monday, by Thor Olavsrud (InternetNews)
The U.S. Department of Commerce will make a decisionthat may alter the shape of the domain name industry when it determines the legitimacy of a deal struck between ICANN and VeriSign.
Registries prepare for domain crush, by Lisa Bowman (C/Net)
Addressing the International Trademark Association's annual meeting in San Francisco, companies administering the .info, .pro, .name and .biz domains vowed to protect the rights of intellectual property holders as they introduce the new addresses.
Requests for New Trademarks by Internet Companies Have Fallen, by Sabra Chartrand (NYTimes)
The number of trademark applications for dot-com and e- names plummeted last year, after two years of sharp increases
Commerce to scrutinize VeriSign's grip on Web, by Martin Kady II (Business Journal)
The Department of Commerce is investigating the ICANN-VeriSign Agreement that allows the registry to maintain its exclusive hold on .COM administration
Scotland loses as .SCOT.UK bid is turned down, by Wendy McAuliffe (ZDNet UK)
Nominet, the .UK registry, has rejected an application to create a new second-level domain, .SCOT.UK, to identify Scottish businesses online.
The Philippines domain name saga (ZDNet Asia)
The Philippine Long Distance Company filed litigation against the PLDT.COM.PH domain name registration.
The 6.30 AM Domain Gold-Rush, by Lee Hodgson (eCommerce)
An interview with Alex Kovalenko, the founder of, a firm which specializes in tracking on-hold and 'soon to drop' domains.
Part II: Securing the Best Names, by Lee Hodgson (eCommerce)
Names are dropped from the zone file between 6:30 and 6:45 a.m., the author asserts.
Hijacked domain returned to rightful owner, by Kieren McCarthy (Register)
A registrant retrieved its domain name after failing to renew it when the registrar went bust., Domains Attract $2M Bid, By Ryan Naraine (Silicon Alley News)
The two domain names were offered as a package on eBay, but the $2M bid was below the reserve price set by seller,, Inc.
Hong Kong Set To Get New Net Name Rules, by Adam Creed (Newsbytes)
The Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Co. Ltd,, newly responsible for the administration and assignment of names in .HK will allow HK businesses to register multiple domain names, where once they were restricted to one.
Land Rush Is Near for .INFO and .BIZ, by Brian McWilliams (InternetNews)
Afilias LLC, the registry for the new .INFO TLD, has completed contract negotiations with ICANN staff, and NeuLevel LLC, which will handle .BIZ, is expected to follow next week.
Arizona State Bar Ethics Opinion No. 2001-05
A for-profit law firm domain name should not use the .ORG TLD, nor should it use a domain name that implies that he law firm is affiliated with a particular non-profit organization or governmental entity.
Sony to Assign IP Addresses to All Products (Asia Biz Tech)
Sony Corp. announced at the NAB2001 Exhibition that every product it manufactures for business or home use will have an assigned IP address.
Philippines Advocate: Don't Ignore Consumers In .PH Case, by Alex F Villafania, (Metropolitan Computer Times)
The .PH tussle pivots on its registry DotPH, has engaged in price-setting detrimental to consumers and whether expanding the country domain into a "phone" TLD is disadvantageous the Philippines.
Hijacked domain saga continues, by: Kieren McCarthy (Register)
PORTFOLIOCOMM.COM, which mysteriously disappearedand was replaced by an American free ISP, turned up for sale on eBay.
Domain Names with Symbols Will Make Trademark Owners Cry, !@#*!, by Doug Isenberg (InternetWorld)
VeriSign announced plans to open its Multilingual Domain Name Testbed to all characters in Unicode, including symbols such as the circle R registered trademark and musical notes.
VeriSign adds 180 languages to web addresses, by Reuters (ZDNet UK)
VeriSign cited estimates by GlobalSight, a research firm, predicting that non-English speakers will make up two-thirds of all Internet users by 2003
PR company loses Web site. Completely, by: Kieren McCarthy (Register)
Portfolio Metrica Group's website, PORTFOLIOCOMM.COM, was hijacked and replaced by a mirror of
Juno joins NEW.NET's ISP partners (Press Release - NEW.NET)
Juno joins expanding list of ISPs to offer access to NEW.NET's domain name extensions
Irish bid planned for proposed .EU registry, by John Cradden (Irish Times)
The Irish-led IE Domain Registry (IEDR) and its chief executive have assembled a consortium to bid for the operation of the proposed European Union .EU TLD registry.
Canadian Tire fights for right to be called 'crap', by Kieren McCarthy (Register)
Retailer Canadian Tire has filed a UDRP proceeding against Mick Mcfadden over CRAPPYTIRE.COM, which the corporation claimsirights to as a colloquial nickname.
Hijackers lead to domain changes, by Kate Mackenzie (AustralianIT)
Concerned about possible domain name hijacking, Melbourne IT began issuing registrants a registry key which must be used to authenticate changes to .COM.AU domain names.
Canadian Domain-Name Bid May Have Precedent On Its Side, by Steven Bonisteel (Newsbytes)
Canada is one of the few governments to file trademark challenges to domain names through the UDRP.process.
MicroStrategy's Many Domains, by David Hilzenrath (Washington Post)
According to its annual report, the software company spent $3.2M on domain names in a 13-month period.
The name game, by Anthony Shadid (Boston Globe)
ICANN, charged with clearing up the murky water of domain naming, is under fire from online users, Internet companies, consumer advocates, and lawmakers.
Critics Say VeriSign Still Has Advantage, by Susan Stellin (NYTimes)
The new agreement which extends VeriSign's control of the .COM TLD has raised concerns that the registrar has been given an unfair advantage in the lucrative reseller market for domain names.
Australian Watchdog Acts Against Domain Name Fraudster, by Adam Creed (Newsbytes)
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission filed litigation against Stephen Henry Wayt, accused of deceiving businesses into thinking a listing fee for a Web-based business directory was a re-registration for their domain name.
A Dot-Com for a Dot-Org (Wired)
VeriSign keeps rights in ICANN deal, by Timna Tanners (Total Telecom)
A spokesman for VeriSign vows that the company will compete to retain the .NET registry after 2007.
Casting a Wider Net, by Sarah Ferguson (Village Voice)
A profile of Paul Garrin, founder of Name.Space.
auDA urges caution on domain name registrations, by Jenny Sinclair (I.T.)
auDA CEO Chris Disspain says some resellers have been offering the long-term registrations in .COM.AU, despite the fact that the Australian system does not allow for the 10-year registrations.
ICANN, VeriSign Come to Terms on Landmark Deal, by Jim Wagner (
ICANN's board of directors voted today 12-3 (1 abstention) to approve the contract inked by VeriSign and the ICANN staff at the beginning of March.
ICANN Gives .Com To VeriSign, by David McGuire (Newsbytes)
VeriSign Drops Control of .ORG, by Dina ElBoghdady (Washington Post)
ICANN Board Member Blasts VeriSign Decision, by David McGuire (Newsbytes)
North American AtLarge Board Member, Cisco Systems Engineer Karl Auerbach,said that the US Government would be justified in stepping in to nullify the deal.
Bush administration asked to review Verisign/ICANN deal , by Reuters (Total Telecom)
Three U.S. Congressmen have asked the Department of Commerce to review a recent deal that would extend VeriSign'S control of .COM.
New Domains, New Headaches, by Thomas Claburn (Smart Business)
ICANN's new TLDs, such as .BIZ, are likely to create more strife.
An Alternate Universe, by Thomas Claburn (Smart Business)
Tauzin Calls for Review of ICANN Contract Negotiations (Press Release)
Rep. Billy Tauzin, Chairman of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, released a letter from a bipartisan group of Energy and Commerce Committee members to DOC Secretary Donald Evans requesting a thorough review proposed ICANN/VeriSign agreement.
Stratton Sclavos, President & CEO of VeriSign, interviewed by George S. Mack (Internet Analyst)
VeriSign's CEO anticipates registering 15 to 20 million domain names in 2001 and believes overall size of its markets is measured between $40 billion to $70 billion per year in revenue.
VeriSign target of patent suit , by Bloomberg News (C/Net)
The suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Delaware by Leon Stambler, clams that its Web site security products infringe patents of the five co-defendants, Payflow, RSA Security; First Data; Openwave Systems; and OmniSky.
Infonautics, Tucows Announce Merger (CNNfn)
Infonautics, the Pennsylvania company behind s and the Electric Librarywill issue 50 million shares of common stock to Tucows' owners and adopt the Tucows name.
22-Mar-01 by April Zepeda (KOMO4 News)
The Washington State Senate unanimously approved a measure to move all pornography under a new .XXX TLD.
Firms pledge to minimize cybersquatting, by Reuters (C/Net)
ICANN Defends Intellectual Property Approach, by David McGuire, (Newsbytes)
Louis Touton, ICANN's vice president and general counsel, told a House of Representatives subcommittee that the registrars in charge of administering the new domain names will take steps to ensure that new Internet addresses would only be awarded to legitimate copyright holders.
Government, school sites link to porn, by Bob Sullivan (MSNBC)
Important agricultural resource site, E-ANSWERS.ORG, blames hijack on poor recordkeeping by NSI.
VeriSign to allow Web site names in Arabic, Hebrew and Thai (
VeriSign said it will open its experimental database of top-level domain names to all language characters using the Unicode standard on April 5.
Philippine Govt Asked To Referee .PH Internet Debate, by Alex F Villafania, (Metropolitan Computer Times)
The debate involving the management of the .PH country code top-level domain arose from allegations the existing administrator, DotPH Inc., has been abusing its powers.
A Web of Babel, by Damien Cave (Salon)
Former ICANN chairwoman Esther Dyson says a new domain name system threatens to disrupt the Internet.
Confusion Is Domain Problem, by Andy Patrizio (Wired)
ICANN Chair, Vint Cerf,said that the existence of new "unauthorized" TLDs could force ICANN not to approve any similar TLDs.
Monopoly Furor Follows Twomey Appointment, by Alicia Camphuisen (InternetNews)
ICANN has been criticized for protecting the monopoly of US domain name registrar VeriSign, and of not supporting more open international competition among registry businesses. See ICANN for more articles.
Furor Over ICANN-VeriSign Deal, by Stewart Taggart (Wired)
Many speakers at ICANN's meeting in Melbourne objected to the last-minute "either/or" choice regarding the revised VeriSign agreement.
VeriSign Trots out Big Guns, by Kathleen Murphy (InternetWorld)
VeriSign president and CEO Stratton Sclavos defended his company against competing registrars' allegations of predatory practices.
Net leaders critical of .AU plan, by Kate Mackenzie (Australian IT)
The Australian Domain Authority is considering a proposal for multiple domain registries in .AU, which has not been attempted by any other ccTLD. Selects VeriSign's to List Its Portfolio Of Valuable Domain Names (PRNewswire)
ICANN-VeriSign Brouhaha, by Stewart Taggart (Wired)
Hasty approval of a revised contract with VeriSign could do lasting damage to ICANN's reputation.
NEW.NET Offers New TLDs But Raises Issues, by Thor Olavsrud (InternetNews)
Idealab's newest company, NEW.NET, has been stirring up waves by making an end-run around Internet governance board ICANN to offer 20 new top level domains, in reality using a closed network.
Crtics worry about impact of domain plans, by Todd R. Weiss (ComputerWorld)
News of Registrar's Death Has Been Greatly Exaggerated, by Clint Boulton (InternetNews)
A competitor of embattled BulkRegister is capitalizing upon the opportunity by encouraging its customers to transfer their domain name registrations.
Private Domain Start-Up Makes the Rounds In D.C., by Rory J. O'Connor, (InteractiveWeek)
Top executives of NEW.NET spent a day in the Beltway in educational talks with Internet power brokers in Congress and theWhite House.
NEW.NET Plies the Open Road, by Peter Girard (AfterNIC)
New Weapon Against Reverse Domain Name Hijacking, by Brian McWilliams (InternetNews)
UDRP resondents have a new defense strategy: "Get [Michael} Froomkin", panelist, professor of law at the University of Miami and outspoken critic of reverse domain name hijacking.
BulkRegister's Bulk Restructuring: CEO, Others Fired, by Brian McWilliams and Thor Olavsrud (InternetNews), the fourth largest domain registrar with 6.7 percent of the market as of Dec. 31, 2000, fired CEO Tony Keyes and 23 of its 33 employees. See also:
Bulk Fires CEO, by Kathleen Murphy (InternetWorld)
06-Mar-01 Joins Domain Scheme, by Andy Patrizio (Wired), ExciteAtHome and Kids Domains Inc. have signed on to help NEW.NET gain acceptance of a domain-name system that circumvents the Internet's established guidelines.
Calif. firm creates 20 new Net domains, by Hiawatha Bray (Boston Globe)
See also: NANOG thread on this announcement
]XXX Domains May Be Hard Sell, by Andy Patrizio (Wired)
The competing efforts that go outside the Internet's accepted domain name system could become a complex legal dispute over dispensing adult domains.
Web addresses offered in 9 Indian languages, by Rajiv Sekhri, Reuters (Digital MASS)
Speakers of nine Indian languages can now register Web addresses in their native tongues after NSI launched the new multilingual service.
NEW.NET Defies Domain System, by Andy Patrizio (Wired)
NEW.NET a spinoff of Idealab, is challenging ICANN's authority by preparing to sell 20 unsanctioned TLDs that it plans to administer on its own. See also: Paul Vixie comment on this announcement
Twenty New Domains Arrive Without ICANN Approval, by Margret Johnston (PCWorld)
NEW.NET says it is providing a market-based solution, instead of a slow politics-based one.
Start-up offers new domain suffixes, by Associated Press (C/Net)
Defying ICANN's authority over the legacy root server system, a California start-up began selling Web addresses based on 20 new and unsanctioned suffixes including .KIDS, .TRAVEL, .SPORT and .XXX.
Start-Up Will Sell Web Addresses To Bypass Internet Bureaucracy, by Don Clark (Wall Street Journal)
Fury at ICANN/ VeriSign over .org domain, by Kieren McCarthy (Register)
.ORG domain name holders swamped a public forum set up by ICANN yesterday, angry at a proposed agreement that mayorce them to hand back their domains unless they register as non-profit organisations.
Has VeriSign Hoodwinked Competitors? by Kathleen Murphy (InternetWorld)
VeriSign will keep .COM, by Juliana Gruenwald (Inter@ctive Week)
In a surprise move, VeriSign has reached agreement with ICANN that will assure it retains control over the Internet's most popular TLD, .COM
VeriSign Stays Whole, Could Win Name Game, by Clint Boulton (
VeriSign loses control of .org domain, by Kieren McCarthy (Register)
VeriSign is to relinquish the .ORG domain name to a non-profit organisation at the end of 2002 in the first step to change the Internet's ICANN-run administration.
Has VeriSign Hoodwinked Competitors? by Kathleen Murphy (InternetWorld)
In a deal that raised eyebrows in the domain name industry, VeriSign has agreed to relinquish administration of .ORG and .NET so it can keep long-term control over the lucrative .COM registry
Rutt to Resign from VeriSign, by Kathleen Murphy
Former Network Solutions CEO James Rutt sannounced he will leave VeriSign April 1 to return to his roots and do scientific research.
VeriSign Announces Additional Language Support in Multilingual Domain Name Testbed (PR Newswire)
The additional support will allow users to register domains names using characters from Western European languages--French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish; Greek; and Eastern European languages--Armenian, Russian, Bulgarian Macedonian, and Georgian.
VeriSign joins multilingual domain name party, by Kieren McCarthy
United Nations seeks domain rules, by Associated Press (C/Net)
WIPO's assistant director general wants ccTLDs to be subject to the same rules that govern names registered within .COM, .NET and .ORG.
Report says name selling should be open to all, by Jenny Sinclair (I.T.)
Domain name registration in Australia should be open to any competent operator under a proposal put forth by the .au Domain Authority, auDA.
Web's major registrar turns phone numbers into Net names, by John Borland (C/Net)
VeriSign will offer a new service turning telephone numbers into Web addresses, hoping to ease the pain of having to type letters while Net surfing on a wireless phone.
Network Solutions Offers Its Database of Domain-Names to Marketing Firms, by Thomas E. Weber (Wall Street Journal )
NSI has begun adversiting the sale of its WHOIS database of customers, although it has been quietly selling the data for about a year.


Secrecy rapped in way Internet names are issued, by D. Ian Hopper (Boston Globe)
The U.S. Senate heard complaints that ICANN, the corporation charged with introcing new TLDs, operates in too much secrecy.
FTC Shuts Down Online Scam, by Fauve Yandel
See also FTC v. National Domain Name Registry
VeriSign to Shed NSI Rgistrar Biz? by Juliana Greenwald (Interactive World)
With a government deadline looming, VeriSign has indicated it is accepting bids for the potential sale of its registrar business.
Domain name selection process under fire, by Brock Meeks (MSNBC)
CANN's chair admitted to a congressional panel that the process of choosing seven new domain names in November was highly subjective and likely bypassed qualifiedcandidates. (For other articles, see also ICANN News on this website)
Is It Too Late for Sex.Coop? by Aparna Kumar (Wired)
Although industry insiders expect that the new TLDs won't be available to the public until June, a handful of other registrars are already cashing in on the pre-registration frenzy.
House Committee to Investigate ICANN's TLD Choices, by Jim Wagner (InternetNews)
The president of Atlantic Root Network Inc., will testify before the U.S. House of Representatives February 8 about in what she considers the outright theft of her .BIZ TLD by ICANN.
Chinese Domain Name System Put into Service (People Daily)
CNNIC has launched the Chinese Domain Name System, which means Internet users can register domain names using Chinese characters.
Verisign to sell part of domain name operation, by Reuters (Forbes)
In APRIL VeriSign will sell its registrar business iin order to continue operating the domain name registry for .COM, .NET and .ORG.
GreatDomains Gets in the Transfer Business (InternetNews)
Auctioneer, has removed all references to the selling of domain names from its User Agreement since it was bought by VeriSign.
Domain names up for grabs, by David Akin (National Post)
CIRA, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority said registrants of more than 41,000 .CA domain names failed to re-register them under the new administrator, and the names will become available on February 1. See also: IANA Report on Request for Redelegation of the .CA TLD
New head of Web domain name group pledges to build consensus, by Reuters (San Jose Mercury)
Dr. Stuart Lynn, new president and CEO of ICANN,said his lack of experience in its policies would make him more impartial in dealing with the controversies that have dogged the corporation since its inception.
Australian government to take over domain names, by Kirsty Needham (IT)
AuDomain Australia, a body that won the endorsement of Australia's government to administer the country's domain name registrations, has purchased the central database of all domain names registered in Australia, contact numbers for their owners,and the software that approves or rejects new applications from the group of individual pioneers who run the system.
Congress Should Stay Out of C ybersquatting - Patent Office, by Robert MacMillan (Newsbytes)
According to a new report from the USPTO, Congress should refrain from attempts to formulate a list of political candidate domain names to protect from cybersquatters.
Burpee Purchases's Brand Assets (PR Newswire)
Burpee Holding Company, parent company of W. Atlee Burpee, America's oldest name in gardening, has purchased's brand assets, including the company's GARDEN.COM domain
Unsanctioned domains could sow confusion, anarchy on Net and
Net colonies challenge ICANN's domain, by Anick Jesdanun (SJ Mercury)
The Internet, too, has its breakaway republics, cybercolonies that resist the status quo by assigning themselves unsanctioned domain names.
Domain Losers Take Fight to Congress, by Dina ElBoghdady (Washington Post)
Some of the rejected TLD applicants who were rejected by ICANN have asked Congress to intervene.
Dot-PS: Domain Without a Country, by Oscar S. Cisneros (Wured)
Curfews, fighting and economic embargoes -- all part of the Palestinian struggle for statehood -- have delayed the implementation of the .PS top level domain.
Seoul registers largest number of domain names outside U,S, (Infotech)
Seoul was followed by London, Istanbul, Madrid, Tokyo and Kyonggi on Network Solutions' statistical index.
VeriSign and International Announce Strategic Technology Relationship for Multilingual Domain Name Support (PR Newswire)
Software Pirates to Forfeit Web Site; U.S. acquires domain name in copyright case, by Matthew B. Stannard (San Francisco Chronicle)
Software pirates agreed to forfeit to the U,.S. Government SOFTWARE-INC.COM, the domain name they used to peddle counterfeit applications to buyers in the San Francisco area.
VeriSign in struggle with China over registration of Web addresses, by Associated Press (Silicon Valley News)
China Planning Own Internet (Silicon Valley News)
China is moving ahead with plans to build a second-generation Internet-like network designed for China's government and industry.
'Chris Bell for Mayor' domain name fight kicks off political year (Houston Chronicle)
A mayoral challenger found that names he would have used in his campaign have already been registered as domains by his opposition.
Federal government seizes Web site after guilty plea, by Howard Mintz (San Jose Mercury)
The website, SOFTWARE-INC,COM, illegally generated $900K in software sales.
Domain names to replace phospate, by Katrina Nicholas
Will the public flock to the .CX domain name?
Tiff over Chinese domains likely to split the Net, by Associated Press
The issue: who has rights to register Chinese language domain names.
ADNS Sees 2001 as the Year That the Internet Frees Itself From the Control of ICANN as Several Nations Plan to Wrest Control of Their National Internet Domains From the Clutches of ICANN (Yahoo Finance)
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