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Below is a non-exhaustive list of links to Year 2002 news reports, in reverse chronological order, about the domain name industry. Some links may no longer be available, while others may require a password or fee to access their archives.


Defensive Registrations: Why They're Still Needed, and How to Make Them Earn Their Keep, by Benjamin Edelman (VeriSign)
By putting defensive registration to use, companies can take advantage of their registration investments.
ccTLD Update (VeriSign)
Changes in policies from the registries of country code top level domains


Feds invoked national security to speed key Internet change (
The Bush Administration sped approval for moving one of the Internet's 13 root servers after VeriSign argued that that n a location in northern Virginia would better rotect it from natural disasters or hacker attacks.


CNNIC Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy
Registrations for the newly unrestricted .COM.CN domain are now available, and all applicants must agree to use the Chinese Dispute Resolution Process, which is similar to the UDRP.


Hijacked? Fight over URL, by Drew Cullen (Register), a Canadian-based gambling site, said its domain name was hijacked December 6 and redirected to another business.
Economics of Kid-Friendly Domain Questioned, by David McGuire (Biz Report)
The .KIDS.US domain faces an uphill climb to acceptance


Transfer of .ORG control delayed, by Lisa M. Bowman (C/Net)
The Internet Society and VeriSign have delayed the transfer of .ORG administration to Public Internet Registry will be delayed one month in order to give registrars more time to conform with new PIR requirements



Attack targets .info domain system, by Robert Lemos (ZDNet)
An Internet attack flooded domain name manager UltraDNS with a deluge of data, causing administrators to scramble to keep the servers that host .INFO and other domains running.


Asia Pac to host domain name root servers, by James Pearce (ZDNet Australia)
An agreement, between the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre and the InternetSoftware Consortium will place a number of root servers throughout the Asia Pacific region to strengthen the domain name system against malicious assaults and handle increasing Internet traffic.


Congress Creates Kids' Internet Area, by AP (
Congress approved legislation to create .KIDS.US as a safe haven on the Internet for children, where websites will have content deemed suitable for youngsters.
Congress Approves 'Dot-Kids' Measure, by David McGuire (Washington Post)
New language in the legislation will grant Neustar two additional years on its four-year contract to administer .US if it upholds its obligation to monitor .KIDS.US and removes content which depicts sex or nudity, is clearly sexual in nature or "lacks serious, literary, artistic, political or scientific value for minors."


2nd Circuit Limits Jurisdiction of Anti-Cybersquatting Act, by Mark Hamblett (New York Law Journal)
In Mattel, Inc. v., the court said the "basic jurisdictional grant" in the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act "contemplates exclusively a judicial district withinwhich the registrar or other domain-name authority is ocated."


SGNIC accreditates five .SG domain name registrars (CMPNet.Asia)
The Singapore Network Information Centre (SGNIC) will relinquish its registrar function and implement a Registry-Registrar System to allow multiple registrars accredited by SGNIC to register .COM/ORG/NET/EDU/PER.SG sub-domain names.


Commissioner wades in over DomainNamesNZ, by Paul Brislen (IDGNet)
New Zealand's Domain Name Commissioner has released a statement warning users about the misleading nature of Australian registrar DomainNamesNZ's fax campaign.


Latin American Internet address administrator formally established (Mercury News)
Latin America and the Caribbean have established LACNIC as a regional Internet registry to manage their own Internet addresses
Government Advisory Committee Communique PDF format
The Government Advisory Committee (GAC) of ICANN has announced that the European Commission will manage the GAC beginning in November
DomainNamesNZ doesn't understand fuss, by Paul Brislen (IDGNet)
The general manager of DomainNamesNZ says the fax campaign to attract new .NET.NZ customers is a trial run.


European Commission sets timetable for .EU domain, by Paul Meller (IDC)
The European Commission is picking a team of experts from academia and the private sector to help choose a non-profit organization to run the .EU registry among the ten applications received to date.


Net's Vulnerability Exposed - Attack on root servers resulted in moderate damage - this time by Jaikumar Vijayan and Patrick Thibodeau (ComputerWorld)
The DDOS attack on the Internet's root servers shows that the basic plumbing of the Internet still has vulnerabilities that need to be addressed.
Internet Registry of Canada faces fraud charges, by Reuters (Forbes)
Canada's Competition Bureau has charged Internet Registry of Canada for misleading representations and deceptive telemarketing in connection withmailings about its domain name registry services that appeared to be sent on behalf of the government or an officially sanctioned agency.


Domainz advises against latest domain name company, by Paul Brislen (IDGNet)
.NZ domain name administrator Domainz issued a warning against DomainNamesNZ, which is contacting .CO.NZ registrants and trying to get them to acquire .NET.NZ equivalents.


The root of all names, by Sam Varghese (The Age)
A Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) attack, which is what hit the Internet's 13 root servers on October 21, is a remote attack on a target network that seeks to exhaust its ability to conduct legitimate business, by tying up machine and/or network resources.
WIPO To Provide Dispute Resolution Services For .EDU (WIPO)
The World Intellectual Property Organization and EDUCAUSE, the administrator of .EDU, have signed an agreement which makes WIPO the sole dispute-resolution service provider for the top level domain through the EduDRP, a modified version of the UDRP.
In a limited way, retailer loses domain name fight, by Kevin Kemper (Columbus Business First)
A purchase offer and even a UDRP complaint didn't get Limited Brands, Inc. the domain name LIMITED.BIZ, registered by Jenkins GMC, a company in the UK.


Net attack dismissed - Security experts: Assault on root servers easily defeated, by Hiawatha Bray (Boston Globe)
While Internet security experts are concerned about the efforts of computer vandals, the experts say the attack on the 13 root servers was crude and easily beaten back.
Waiting for the Net meltdown, by Bob Alberti (C/Net)
The attack on the root servers should serve as a warning that something is seriously wrong with the organization that supposedly is responsible for the Internet's stability.
Q&A: Internet pioneer Stephen Crocker on this week's DDOS attack, by Patrick Thibodeau (ComputerWorld)
"What I think our biggest problem globally is are off-the-shelf computers. The minute you plug them in they are susceptible to being enlisted unwittingly to a DOS attack.."


More Than One Internet Attack Occurred Monday, by Brian Krebs and David McGuire (Washington Post)
Two "distributed denial of service" attacks struck the 13 root servers on October 21, causing intermittent failures of some of the servers.
Net attack flops, but threat persists, by Robert Lemos (C/Net)
In the wake of the attack, some of the companies and organizations that maintain the 13 key servers have pledged to reassess the security of the computers for which they are responsible.
Massive Hacker Attack Nearly Crippled The Internet, by Bob Keefe (Cox News)


Attack On Internet Called Largest Ever, by David McGuire and Brian Krebs (Washington Post)
The heart of the Internet sustained its largest and most sophisticated attack ever,according to officials at key online backbone organizations.


Global Grp Wants Voice In Internet Addressing, by Kevin J. Delaney (Yahoo Finance)
Members of the International Telecommunication Union, a Geneva-based treaty organization affiliated with the United Nations.voted that the organization should play an active role in discussions and initiatives related to the Internet names and numbers system.


Russia May Say 'See Ya' to Dot-Su, by Sergey Kuznetsov (Wired)
An ICANN spokesman announced recently that .SU, established for the Soviet Union, may be revoked sometime next year, although the TLD has more than 20,000 domain name registrations.


They'll be registering .ORG names in Horsham, by Porus P. Cooper (Philadelphia Inquirer)
On January 1, 2002, Afilias, an Irish company with U.S. offices in Horsham, will take over administration of the .ORG registry.
ACCC warning to domain name resellers
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission warned domain name resellers against misleading and deceptive conduct.


Preparing for the introduction of the new .EU domain, by Jonathan Robinson (Net Imperative)
The director of business development at the NetNames registrar believes the launch of .EU will set off the largest scramble for domain names since .COM.
"Dot-usa" Internet name seller to refund fees, by Andy Sullivan (Yahoo News)
Months after the U.S.Federal Trade Commission filed a deceptive-advertising suit against a British entrepreneur, he agreed to refund $350,000 to customers to whom he sold .USA domain name registrations that did not work in the authoritative root


Aust administrator recommends state-based domain name, by James Pearce (ZDNet Australia)
Administration of the .AU top level domain had recommended the creation of eight new second level domains (2LDs) for Australian states and territories - ACT.AU, NSW.AU, NT.AU, QLD.AU, SA.AU, TAS.AU, VIC.AU and WA.AU.


Court cracks down on URL copycat, by Declan McCullagh (C/Net)
Bill Purdy, an anti-abortion activist has been ordered to face possible criminal sanctions for registering domain names similar to those owned by the Washington Post Co.


OFT eyes domain name bullies, by Dinah Greek (
The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is investigating the bullying selling tactics of domain name reseller Anet


Domain Registry Bundles Blogging, by Colin C. Haley (InternetNews)
.NUis offering customers free software to create and maintain their own blogs.
Lawmaker Suggests ,KO for Domain Names, by Park Nae-sun (Digital Chosun)
North and South Korea'ø TLDs are currently .KR and .KP, but lawmaker Lee Jong-geo has proposed a combined .KO TLD.


Land rush for generic domains, by Caitlin Fitzsimmons (Australian IT)
The .AU Domain Authority (auDA) released approximately1300 unsold generic domains--from to - more than half of which were snapped up within half an hour.


Washington Post battles domain claim, by Declan McCullagh (C/Net)
The Washington Post threatened an anti-abortion activist with legal action for registering WPNI.ORG and snatching e-mail messages intended for reporters.


State House Passes Resolution Supporting New Domain Name For Internet Porn, by Kamal Wallace (
In response to a crusade begun by a North Carolina grandmother, the state legiislature unanimously approved a resolution requesting the state's Congressiona delegation support the establishment of a .XXX TLD.


Commerce Department, ICANN Amend Internet Domain Name System Management Agreement (E Commerce News)
A one-year extension to the Memorandum of Understanding includes heightened scrutiny and mandates new quarterly reports


U.S. Will Renew ICANN's Authority, by David McGuire (Washington Post)
Nancy Victory, Commerce Department Undersecretary, told reporters that the anticipates that the Department will extend the Memorandum of Understanding which rants authority to ICANN to manage the global addressing system.


Congress, domain firm spar over dot-kids, by Reuters (C/Net)
NeuStar, the administrator of .US, asked Congress not to interfere with its efforts to set up .KIDS.US, a child-friendly zone free of violence, pornography and other adult material.


Dirty Online Campaigning? by Jim Goldman (ABC News)
Incumbent Assemblyman John Dutra is displeased that his opponent in the upcoming election for California's 20th District has JOHNDUTRA.COM, JOHNDUTRA.NET and JOHNDUTRA.ORG to use against him in the campaign.


China hijacks Google's domain name, by Sumner Lemon (IDG)
Internet users looking to reach Google from inside China are being rerouted to Tianwang Search,a search engine operated by China's prestigious Peking University. See also: Replacement of Google with Alternative Search Systems in China Documentation and Screen Shots, by Ben Edelman (Berkman Center)


Blocked Web surfers in China get detour, by Reuters (C/Net)
Chinese Internet users trying to access Google are being routed to an array of similar sites in China, the latest sign of an escalating media clampdown ahead of November's Communist Party congress.


'Cyber-squatter' gets jump on Maori names, by Adam Gifford (New Zealand Herald)
Craig Beecroft, a former executive of Tainui Corporation, snapped up 58 potentially valuable names in the new internet2LD, MAORI.NZ but.denies he is exacting revenge for being sacked.


Internet Body Delays Selection Of New Dot-Org Operator, by Ross Snel (Dow Jones Newswire)
ICANN is postponing choosing a new administrator for .ORG after receiving a huge influx of comments from applicants and the public.


EU seeks bidders for European domain, by ComputerWire (The Register)
The European Commission is looking for a non-profit organization to run .EU, the TLD it hopes to create for businesses and individuals in European Union member states.
ICANN Threatens to Take Away VeriSign's .COM Privileges, by David McGuire (Washington Post)
VeriSign Inc. was threatened with the loss of its right to register .COM domain names unless it clean up its public database that records registrant information.
New Names Advisory Panel (AuDA)
The New Names Advisory Panel was appointed by the auDA Board in June 2002 to evaluate proposals for new second level .AU domains including: new open, closed, and geographic 2LDs, .INFO.AU and .CONF.AU.
I'll see your domain name in (US) Court! by Andrew Lothian (Register)
Two decisions from the US 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, decided on 23 August 2002, affirmed a principle that a domain name is a piece of property with ageographical existence, in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


VeriSign may lose dibs on domain sales , by Wylie Wong (C/Net)
ICANN has threatened to pull VeriSign's registrar accreditation unless the domain name company corrects inaccurate customer WHOIS information in a timely fashion.
InternetNZ declares moratorium on new 2LDs, by Paul Brislen (IDGNet.NZ)
InternetNZ will be reviewing the process of adding new 2LDs at the end of the year once the new shared registry system is in place.
Unplugged: VeriSign's Hallam-Baker, by David Berlind (ZDNet)
Phillip Hallam-Baker, VeriSign's principal scientist, provides a future view where accessing a website, placing a phone call, watching TV and developing a web service will all converge around Internet protocols.


Spurned bidders slam ICANN .ORG redelegation, by ComputerWire (Register)
Ten organizations that were overlooked in an evaluation to decide the next administrator of the $15M .ORG TLD on criticized the selection process, calling it inconsistent, opaque and unfair


Cheat Sheet: Eminent Domains by Anne Stuart (Inc.)
Should you stake out a claim on on one of the new virtual territories beyond .COM?


Spain steps up pressure on Basque militants at home and abroad (AFP/YanooNews)
Spain mounted pressure on Basque militants and asked the Australian government and ICANN to ban Batasuna web sites including BATASUNA.ORG registered by an Australian company with server in California and administration in France, EUSKAL-HERRITARROK.ORG and BATASUNA-BARAKALDO.ORG.


My Fellow .Organisms, by Internet Multicasting Service (Carl Malamud)
The IMS/ISC applicant to administer .ORG, who received low rating in the technical evaluation, explain why it has a fundamental difference of opinion with ICANN about how to do technical due diligence.
Misleading Domain Name Ads Stopped (Office of Fair Trading)
The OFT, working alongside the US Federal Trade Commission, stopped Quantum Management Ltd and TLD Network Ltd. from advertising and selling domain names with suffixes such as .BRIT, .USA, .SCOT, and .SEX .to UK and US consumers.
Privacy and Electronic Mail PDF format (Official Journal of the European Communities)
The European Commission will closely follow privacy issuesin the .NAME TLD which is administered by a company based in the United Kingdom and subject to the United Kingdom Data Protection Act 1998.


Opposition to .BANK.NZ, by Paul Brislen (IDGNet.NZ)
Opposition has been almost universal to the Bankers Association's attempt to add .BANK.NZ as a new 2LD following the success of.MAORI.NZ.


Nominet shrinks its expanded WHOIS (Demys)
The .UK registration authority has reconsidered its proposed WHOIS database expansion after concerns over privacy were raised and will now allow individuals to opt-out from having their full address details displayed on-line.
.UK "wait list" launched (Domain Name News)
Designed to capture domains that have been allowed to lapse, Focus Digital's "NameTrack" service allows prospective domain name owners to back-order and monitor inactive and likely to expire domain names in the .UK TLD


Masters Of Their Domains? by Brian Morrissey (
The fervor for tony domain names has diminished, and registrations for .COM/NET/ORG fell by 3.5 million from October to June, according to industry researcher SnapNames.
Chairman discusses Internet's progression, by Mary Anne Ostron (Mercury News)
An interview with Fred Baker, new chairman of the Internet Society
Privacy deal over net names (BBCNews)
Nominet, administrator of .UK, has delayed changes to its WHOIS database to head off worries over privacy.


ISOC Defends .ORG Nod, by Jim Wagner (
The Internet Society fired back at charges that the organization is creatinga puppet empire under an ISOC ailias, Public Interest Registry.


Domain company owes $900,000, by Kate Mackenzie (Australian IT)
Internet Name Group has gone into administration, leaving more than 2000 customers without the domain name registrations they purchased.
Starbucks domain excuse takes the biscuit (Domain News Service)
The 1997 registrant of STARBUCKS.CO.UK claimed that the domain was a "joint nickname representing the marriage of theStarker and Bucknall families.


Reston Nonprofit Leads Pack in Quest for Control of .ORG, by David McGuire (Washington Post)
Virginia-based Internet Society, founded in 1991, has become the prohibitive favorite to win the contract to operate .ORG, the online home to many nonprofit groups.


New .ORG Nominee an Old ICANN Face, by Jim Wagner (
Vint Cerf, ICANN chairman of the board, was once the head of the Internet Society, which has submitted a proposal to administer .ORG to bail the worldwide membership organization out of its financial woes.
Top candidate named for .ORG, by Lisa M. Bowman (C/Net)
ICANN CEO Stuart Lynn said the proposal form the Internet Society was the only one that received top ranking from all three evaluators.
Aviation firms fly to new web domain, by Robert Evans (Yahoo News)
Snce .AERO began accepting registrations in March,1,711 domain names names for international airlines, airports and major aerospace firms. including sites for sector giants like German airline Lufthansa, snf New York's Kennedy Airport have been approved.


Domain seller sinks out of sight, by Kate Mackenzie (Australian IT)
Melbourne-based Internet Name Protection Pty Ltd, trading as Internet Name Group, has shut down its website and disconnected its phones three months after its provisional accreditation as a wholesaler of .AU domain names was suspended by the AustralianCompetition and Consumer Commission.
Study: Some Big Brands Get Domain Name Marketing, by Christopher Saunders (
25 major brands are proving to be adept at protecting their domain names from cybersquatters and making sure that consumers can locate them easily on the Web.


More .CN to be seen in domain name, by Fu Jing (China Daily)
The number of Chinese-based .CN domain names is expected to soar after the Ministry of Information Technology eases registration rules and access at the end of next month to spur on China's Internet development and ensure its information security.


auDA withdraws SPORT.COM.AU domain from auction winner, by Jenny Sinclair (Sydney Morning Herald)
The Australian Domain Authority said it would revoke the registration of SPORT.COM.AU after the registrant listed the name for sale on the eBay auction site, gainst auDA policy.


Glitch blacks out FBI's web sites, by Declan McCullagh (C/Net)
A misconfiguration in the FBI's domain name setup at FBI.GOV prevented visitors from getting through to the bureau's website.


VeriSign playing by the rules, by Lisa M. Bowman (C/Net)
Ernst and Yount auditors found that VeriSign generally has provided competitors with equal access to tdomain names, although the company needs to improve its daily recordkeeping of its database system.


Family upset over misuse of name Mabo on Web site (Sydney Morning Herald)
Indigenous groups are outraged over plans by a Gold Coast company to sell MABO.COM.AU, the name of late land rights campaigner Eddie Koiki Mabo.
Net Naming Agency Accused of Mishandling in .KR Domains, by Kim Deok-hyun (Korea Times)
Korea Network Information Center (KRNIC), the state management agency of Korean Internet domain names, has been accused of mishandling .KR by allowing registrations used for websites containing illegal pornographic content.
.NET name ties Microsoft in knots, by Mike Ricciuti (C/Net)
Repeated use of the brand for different products and services confounded business customers, consumers, industry analysts, the media and the public at large.


Domain names bounce back, by Lisa M. Bowman (C/Net)
According to the Zooknic Internet Geography Project, a research venture that examines Internet use, .COM/NET/ORG registrations grew by 128,874 in July, reversing an almost year-long decline.


FTC Probing Marketing Campaign, by Reuters (Washington Post)
The Federal Trade Commission is seeking information about VeriSign's practices with regard to transferring and deleting domain names and direct mailsolicitations to customers of competitors in a marketing campaign that ended in May,
Dot-Com Sees First Growth Of 2002, by David McGuire (Washington Post)
New registrations of .COM/NET/ORG registrations outpaced expirations and cancellations by nearly 130,000 names in July, and totalled 27,242,790, according to SnapNames, a company that tracks domain registrations.
VeriSign Marketing is Subject of FTC Investigation, by John Markoff (NYTimes)
VeriSign has been hit by a spate of lawsuits recently accusing the registrar of deceptive marketing practices and the FTC is probing whether it obtained information on outside customers illicitly.


I come to bury, not to praise it, by Heather Cochran (Salon)
A stroll through the graveyard of expired domain names provides a humorous account of monumentally stupid hopes.
American Data Technology Warns Customers About Domain Slamming (dBusinessNews)
A web hosting company warned its customers about the threat of domain slamming, which uses deceptive practices to move domain name owners from one domain name registrar to another.


.RU Addresses Jump More Than Doubles in a Year, by Larisa Naumenko (Moscow Times)
According to the Russian Institute for Public Networks, he number of registered .RU (Russian Federation) domain names more than doubled to 135,000 over the last year, with roughly 60 percent owned by companies or organizations, 39 percent personal, and 1 percent nonlegal entities such as entrepreneurs.


Ghost sites, by Steve Baldwin (
An independent effort to catalog the websites that came and went, alphabetically by domain name.


Survey on Intellectual Property Rights in the new .EU domain
The European Commission is conducting an online survey to determine the concerns and issues regarding intellectual property rights and cybersquatting in the proposed .EU TLD.


Domain name disputes taken into national courts, by John Leyden (Register)
Disquiet over the domain registration dispute process involving .BIZ domains has resulted in litigation on both sides of the Atlantic.


Dot-Org Decision Looms Large For Noncommercial Speakers, by David McGuire (Washington Post)
Consumer advocates, public interest groups and non-commercial entities are watching to see who ICANN will choose to be the new administrator of .ORG when VeriSign relinquishes its role at the end of the year. .ORG Bidders: sees profits shrink, by Reuters (C/Net)
The second largest registrar of domain names postedposted a net profit of $846,000, compared with a net profit of $2 million a year earlier.


Master of Your Web Domain, by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols (Washington Post)
Tips for registering a domain.


Domain name policy absurd when it comes to trademarks, by Michael Geist (Globe)
The lower court's decision to transfer CANADIAN.BIZ to trademark owner Molson Breweries (overturned on appeal by an Ontario court) shows how the UDRP grants trademark holders far more rights online than they enjoy offline.


Afilias Announces Over 200,000 Live .INFO Web Sites (Afilias)
As of the end of May 2002, 24% of registered .INFO names are associated with live websites, 35% are inactive, 12% are parked and 9% are redirected.
Watch out for web-nappers, warning (The Western Mail)
According to a recent survey conducted by Nominet, the registry which administers .UK, about half of all businesses do not realise that their .uk domain name registrations need to be renewed.


ICANN Forefather Wants More Democratic Internet Governance, by David McGuire (Washington Post)
"Expediency doesn't justify a lack of democratization," says Ira Magaziner, who set in motion the creation of ICANN.
Who Rules the Root? ICANN, Domain Names, and the Battle over Internet Governance: Real Video of Book Forum (Cato Institute)


Registrations in Open ccTLDs, by Ben Edelman (Berkman Center for Internet & Society)
An analysis of CC, .TV, and .WS in order to quantify the domains' size, usage, and registration patterns.


Nominet Issues First Appellate Decision (Nominet UK)
Affirms registrations of SEIKO-SHOP.CO.UK and SPOONWATCHSHOP.CO.UK were abusive and confirms transfer of the two domains to Seiko UK, Ltd.


.INFO Doing Better Than Expected, by Jim Wagner (InternetNews)
Despite a rough start, Afilias, the .INFO registry, has managed to garner 900,000 registrations since its pre-registration process began late last year.


Jump in .AU names, by Kate Mackenzie (Australian IT)
Australia's total domain name registrations rose by almost 3 per cent in just two weeks after AusRegistry was selected to run the .AU registry and rules were loosened to allow more than one domain name per business entity.


Deceptive names promote anti-abortion site, by Kate Grossman (Chicago Sun-Times)
An anti-abortion activist acquireddomain names with slight variations on names of major news outlets he perceived as pro-choice and linked them to a website profiling pictures of bloody, aborted fetuses. See list of these websites at


Stockholm fights for domain (Australian IT)
Stockholm is looking for ways to stop an adult entertainment company in Spain from launching a pornographic website on a domain associated with the city's name,according to a spokesman.


DNS flaws put Net connected systems at risk, by Joris Evers (InfoWorld)
A security consultant warned that a flaw in two versions of the BIND software that supports the DNS for translating text-based Web addresses to numeric IP addresses can put Internet-connected systems at risk.


Eminent domain vote spurs protesters, by Reuters (C/Net)
In Bucharest, ICANN will chart its future, one that could see individual Net users squeezed out in favor of politicians and business people.


In Fights Over .COM Names, Trademark Owners Usually Win, by Susan Stelling (NYTimes)
Researchers have found that decisions made through the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy have substantially broadened the rights of trademark holders in cyberspace.


VeriSign cleans up Web address auctions, by Paul Festa (C-Net)
VeriSign pledged to abort the auction of raunchy domains, objectionable and trademarked domains, which violate its corporate policies, on its newly launched eBay store.


Firms Vie for Right to Operate .ORG Domain, by David McGuire Washington Post)
ICANN received bids from 11 applicants to operate .ORG, a home for nonprofit organizations that is, and will remain, open to all registrants. See links to proposals below (18-Jun-02).


CIRA announces results of 2002 Board of Directors Election (CIRA)
Members of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority elected three new board members: Denis Tanguay, (President, Digital Internet Gaming Services Ltd.), Mark Jeftovic (President, easyDNS Technologies Inc.) and Michael Geist (Law Professor, University of Ottawa).


.ORG Reassignment: Applications Received (ICANN). Applicants paid $35,000 to be considered.


New Internet Domains A Year Or More Away, by David McGuire (Washington Post)
An internal ICANN task force issued a report outlining criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of the seven new tldS and steps that the ICANN board could ake toward approving another series down the line.
Questions Surround Domain Names, by Susan Stellin (NYTimes)
The impetus for a Senate Committee hearing was widespread dissatisfaction with the way ICANN is carrying out its functions as technical coordinator of the Internet. See also Congressional Hearings on this website for this date.
Uniform Dispute Policy has its Share of Critics, by Tamara Loomis (
Questionable decisions provide fuel for critics of the UDRP, who have long contended that it is biased in favor of trademark owners.


The end of the revolution, by Andrew Leonard (Salon)
"Ruling the Root", a new book by Milton L. Mueller, documents the sorry tale of how the Internet was brought to heel.
Competition is Heating Up for Control of .ORG domain, by John Markoff (NYTimes)
As many as eight or nine bids to administer .ORG are expected as ICANN prepares to recompete the role currently handled by VeriSign.


S.African Internet Boss Hides Domain Key Abroad, by Brendan Boyle (Yahoo News)
The administrator of South Africa's top level domain said he moved the primary zone file that defines and controls the .ZA namespace offshore to prevent any government interference in access to the Internet.
ZA domain moves abroad (News 24)


Senators say U.S. should keep tabs on Internet body, by Reuters (SiliconValley)
Several senators and a Bush administration official said that ICANN must change the way it operates if it wants to continue to oversee the domain name system. See Congressional Hearings on this website for this date.
Nominet changes tackle cybersquatting, by Jo Ticehurst (Vnunet)
The online search facility for Npminet, the non-profit organisation that manages .UK, will now include the postal address of the registrant as well as the date on which the domain name falls due for renewal.


U.S. Should Control Internet Body, Senator Says (Yahoo News)
Us.Senator Conrad Burns (R-Montana), said he likely would introduce a bill to require ICANN to give the U.S. government more influence in managing the domain name system. "The U.S. needs to ensure ICANN operates with the same sort of internal processes as in any other federal agency," he said. See also: Congressional Hearings for June 12, 2002, on this website.
Domain name debacle "still not resolved", by Erika de Beer (Independent Online)
Namespace ZA, founded to take over the administration of the South African TLD from an unpaid volunteer, will meet with govenment officials to discuss the transfer of the function.


VeriSign to give BIND the boot, by Carolyn Duffy Marsan (Network World)
VeriSign is replacing an open source software package called Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) with its own proprietary technology dubbed ATLAS, for Advanced Transaction Look-up and Signaling,


S.Africa Sticks to Plan to Control Internet Names, by Brendan Boyle (Yahoo News)
The South Africa government wants to nationalize the .ZA registry, over the objections of the administrator, who says that he may be forced to shut the ccTLD down if the law is passed.


VeriSign hit with marketing lawsuit, by Reuters (C/Net) See Legal on this website.


Ngcaba defends state plans on domain names (Business Day)
Communications Department Director-General Andile Ngcaba vigorously defended South Africa's plan to set up a company to control domain names on the internet, saying the propposal will establish a public-private partnership which is both representative and accountable.
.ZA domain 'may collapse into vacuum if new law is passed (Demys)
Reportedly, Mike Lawrie, a Director of South Africa's Namespace ZA, will refuse to hand over the administration of the .ZA if the South African government creates a ZA Domain Authority to manage the ccTLD.
Internet Companies Track Trademark Violations on the Web, by Carlyn Kolker (American Lawyer Media)
Companies, such as Markmonitor, NameProtect. and Marksmen, help act as cybercops, monitoring the Internet for use of a client's trademark or brand.


Dot-Com Shrinkage Slams VeriSign, by David McGuire (Washington Post)
The global com-net-org registry shrank by more than 600,000 Internet addresses in April, the seventh straight month of decline.
Australian spammers plunder net names, by Adam Gifford (NZ Herald)
New Zealand domain name registry Domainz attempted to shut out Australian spammer Internet Registry for illegal use of the .NZ WHOIS database to solicit registrations.


Controversial ECT Bill discussions come to an end (ITWeb)
The ECT Bill idescribes how a government body, oontrolled by the communications minister through a board of directors appointed by her. is to be set up to handle the .ZA domain.


Many Dot-Name Domains Break The Rules, by Brian McWilliams (Washington Post)
Thousands of new.NAME domains violate regulations governing the registrations, according to a study.
New domain to help local governments on Web, by Associated Press (USA Today)
The US government is finishing a plan to make it easier for state and local governments to get addresses ending in .GOV &emdash; once the sole domain of he feds.


Cannibals in cyberspace - Internet governing body feasts on itself, by Brock Meeks (MSNBC)
As the private body tasked with overseeing the stability of the Internet hovers on the brink of disaster it comes as no surprise that few are aware of the situation and that even fewer care.


PricewaterhouseCoopers loses PWC.COM domain fight, by Graeme Wearden (ZDNet)
WIPO found that some parts of the case were proven, but implied that PricewaterhouseCooper had erred by using a subsidiary called PwC Business Trust to bring the action.


Melbourne IT shows what's in a domain name, by Jenny Sinclair (The Age)
Melbourne IT, currently the sole wholesaler of COM.AU names, declared itself in excellent health but declined again to say when it would announce its first dividend.


House Moves to Protect Kids on Web, by Dennis Conrad (Chicago Tribune)
The U.S. House of Representatives voted 406-2 to establish a new KIDS.US domain for kid-friendly Web sites.
WHOIS Inaccuracies Hampering FTC, by Jim Wagner (InternetNews)
The Federal Trade Commission needs more accurate WHOIS information to track down Internet scams, J. Howard Beales III, FTC bureau of consumer protection director, told the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Courts


Japan Registry Acquires ICANN Accredited FM-Net's Domain Name Division (PRNewswire)
Registrar of .JP and .CO.JP domain names has acquired the domain name division of FM-Net KK, a Japanese network provider and an ICANN accredited registrar.
House Approves Dot-Kids Internet Domain, by David McGuire (Washington Post)
The House of Representatives' approved legislation designed to cordon off a safe online "playground" for young children where websites could not post hyperlinks to locations outside of the KIDS.US domain


DTI asks for help on ICANN reform, by Matt Loney (ZDNet)
The UK Department of Trade and Industry is asking for public input to help shape its response to a proposal by ICANN to reform and restructure itsself.
Landmark decision in .INFO dispute, by Andrew Colley (ZDNetUK)
WIPO upheld Spanish entrepreneur Christian Castresana's right to use INTERNETNEWS.INFO, rejecting a challenge from media giant INT Media Group, finding that t the combination of the words Internet and news "cannot be considered unusual or require imaginative capacity or a special sophistication".


Bill seeks to make falsifying Web data a crime, by Eric J. Sinrod (USAToday)
U.S. Representatives Howard Coble, (R-NC) and Howard Berman, (D-CA) have submitted a draft bill that would provide criminal penalties for providing false information in registering a domain name.
Expired domains present opportunity for Net porn, by Mike Wendland (Detroit Free Press)
P{ornnappers are operators of X-rated sites whoacquire expired domains, thereby diverting visitorsexpecting one kind of site to one that is sexually explicit.


Clothier Helps Fashion Own Defeat In Domain Dispute, by Steven Bonisteel (Newsbytes)
A WIPO arbiter ruled that Polo Ralph Lauren USA Holdings Inc. failed to prove thatRALPH-LAUREN-POLO.COM and POLO-STYLE.COM were registered and are being used in bad faith.


RealNames to shut down, Microsoft deal scuttled, by Elinor Mills Abreu (Forbes)
California-based RealNames fired its 80 employees last week, but then rehired about 15of them on a short-term basis to help customers to sell the assets of the company, See also KeIth Teare's Weblog (Real Names' founder) for a review of articles and emails about the shutdown.
RealNames Shuts Down, Blaming Microsoft, by Brian Morrissey (InternetNews)
SnapNames cuts 17 percent of work force as CEO steps down, by Aliza Earnshaw (Portland Business Journal)


With Dot-Pro Comes A Certifiable Snub, by Shannon Henry (Washington Post)
The approval of .PRO for professionals is dredging up an old question about which careers are considered "professional," and which are not. Same as New domain for professionals draws the ire of the ineligible.
RealNames Going Under, Keywords And All, by David McGuire (Washington Post)
RealNames Corp., founded in 1996, will cease operations because Microsoft Corp., which allows keywords to resolve in its browser, does not plan to renew its exclusive contract with the company.
RealNames and Microsoft, by Keith Teare (Scripting News)
Microsoft's three reasons to justify ending the relationship with RealNames. See also transcript of Real Names meeting with Microsoft on May 7, 2002.


NeuLevel Says Site's Strange Message Not From Attackers, by Brian McWilliams (Newsbytes)
NeuLevel insisted a bizarre message on the website was an internal test, not a hack.


eBay and VeriSign Announce New Marketing and Services Alliance (VeriSign)
An eBay domain name marketplace will offer .BZ domain names, which are available on a joint eBay and VeriSign website
Professionals to Get Elite Internet Status, by David McGuire (Washington Post)
Registry will charge a premium for the privilege of a .PRO domain name.
New TLD Goes .PRO, by Jim Wagner (
RegistryPro Signs .pro Contract with ICANN (RegistryPro)


Dot-Com Still the Main Domain, by Joanna Glasner (Wired)
Seven months after the introduction of new TLDs .INFO and .BIZ, only a fraction of the registered names are associated with live content and few have drawn heavy traffic.
INTA releases responses to studies critical of ICANN's UDRP (INTA-PR)
Wildlife Fund Pins Wrestling Federation, by Brian Morrissey (
The World Wrestling Federation, which registered WWF.COM, will change its name to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) after a U.K. Court of Appeal upheld a lower court's ruling that it breached a 1994 accord with the World Wildlife Fund to limit the use of the acronym.
Australian Domain Name Seller Makes Promises, by Adam Creed (Newsbytes)
Internet Name Group today said it has made interim measures regardingits marketing practices after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission alleged in a lawsuit that the registrar made misleading representations.


Internet Domain Dispute Escalating, by Kim Deok-hyun (Korea Times)
Korea Network Information Corp. (KRNIC), a government-funded Internet oversight body, delayed terminating Internet Names Inc.'s exclusive right to manage .KR addresses, despite its pledge to open .KR registration to competition.
Bill Would Criminalize False Domain Name Registrations (Newsbytes)
Internet users who knowingly submit fraudulent contact information when registering domain names could face up to five years in jail under legislation introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives by Reps. Howard Coble (R-N.C.) and Howard Berman (D-Calif.). Draft bill is at


Courts to settle Web domain name disputes, by Manoj Nair (Gulf News)
The United Arab Emirates' Network Information Centre (UAEnic) has introduced major changes to the legal framework for .AE domain name registration and dispute resolution.
Truth In Domain Names Act Introduced in the House of Representatives
H. R. 4658 amends Title 18, United States Code, to punish persons who use false or misleading domain names to attract children to Internet sites not appropriate for them.


New Zealand Domain Name Seller Defies Ban, by Adam Creed (Newsbytes)
According to Domainz, the .NZ registry, Internet Name Group is registering domain names through its online automated registration process. although it was banned from selling domain names to New Zealand companies after sending out spam to existing registrants.


Domain Is Signed, Sealed, Delivered ... To Peter Frampton, by Steven Bonistee (Newsbytes)
A WIPO arbitrator declared that a Florida man had no rights to PETERFRAMPTON.COM, even if his name was Lyle Peter Frampton, and ordered the domain name transferred to the guitarist known formerly associated with rock band Humble Pie.


Consumer Groups Decry .US "Sell-Off (C/Net)
The Center for Democracy and Technology, along with Common Cause and the Media Access Project, wrote to representatives of the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee, objecting to NeuStar's "arbitrary and deeply flawed" policy on reserving .US names.
The Story of .US has its Critics, by David McGuire (Washington Post)
More than 200,000 domain names, including many generic words, were registered in the first week after .US TLD became available to the public.
Maryland Lt. Governor Denied In Cybersquatting Tiff, by Steven Bonisteel (Newsbytes)
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, eldest daughter of the late Robert F. Kennedy and Maryland's lieutenant governor since 1994, failed to win her UDRP complaint for prime domains registered by someone else, KENNEDYTOWNSEND.COM and KATHLEENKENNEDYTOWNSEND.COM, as well as some .NET and .ORG variations.
Indian Tribes Gain Special Domain Name Suffix, by Wilson P Dizard III (Newsbytes)
Federally recognized American Indian tribes have been granted their own second level domain under .GOV in a deal with the US Interior Department and the General Services Administration,
Political cybersquatting scores a win, by Lisa M. Bowman (C/Net)
In a victory for cybersquatters and others who snatch up domain names containing personal monikers, a dispute-resolution board has refused to turn over Web addresses containing the words "Kathleen Kennedy Townsend."
ING ordered to change practices, by Kate Mackenzie (Australian IT)
Domain reseller Internet Domain Group has been ordered to cease distributing unsolicited domain registration renewal forms after allegations of misleading conduct from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.


Esther Dyson on Internet privacy (C/Net)
During a recent talk at Wharton, the former ICANN chair said,"ICANN had become a cesspool," is bogged down by politics, meets in secrecy and has had contentious sessions "from day one".
Renewals Plunge a 'Veri' Bad Sign, by Joanna Glasner (Wired)
VeriSign reported aharp decline in quarterly renewals of expiring domain names and scaled back earnings forecasts.


ICANN Seeks Out Dot-Org Operator, by David McGuire (Newsbytes)
ICANN published a request for proposals from organizations and companies interested in operating .ORG when VeriSign's administration of the TLD ends at the conclusion of the year.
ASIC receives complaint about auDA auction, by James Pearce and Vivienne Fisher (ZDNet Australia)
A West Australian businessman has complained to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission over auDA's handling of the auction of .AU generic domain names because his application to bid for CONDOM.COM.AU was refused on a technicality.


Domains Reregistered for Distribution of Unrelated Content: A Case Study of "Tina's Free Live Webcam," by Ben Edelman (Berkman Center)
This study documents several thousand domains reregistered by one particular firm that all redirect users to one particular web page displaying sexually explicit images.
Over 4,500 Domains Point Users To Webcam Porn Site, by Brian McWilliams (Newsbytes)


Senator Revives Dot-Sex Idea, by Declan McCullagh
The new bill, entitled the "Family Privacy and Protection Act," would set up a domain for material harmful to minors and requires all websites containing such material to register within that namespace.


Official Dot-US Domain Name Registrar to Boycott Launch of Dot-US Internet Domain on April 24th (BusinessWire)
SamsDirect, an official Dot-US registrar, will to participate in the launch of .US because it has learned that the registry will accept registration of sexually explicit and vulgar .US domain names. See Reserved List of .US domain names (Zip file)
VeriSign Strengthens Internet Infrastructure, Locates Domain Server In Terremark's Secure Network Access Point (VeriSign)
VeriSign will relocate one of its Generic Top Level Domain Name (gTLD) servers to the Network Access Point of the Americas, closer to Latin America.


Hello! says goodbye to HELLO.COM, by Owen Gibson (Guardian UK)
The celebrity gossip magazine, Hello, failed to win its UDRP complaint to acquire the domain name HELLO.COM from California web company, Pasadena.


Bill proposes segregating porn sites (ZDNet)
Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) has introduced a bill that would require websites containing pornography, hate speech or other material deemed harmful to register under an adults-only domain such as .PRN.


Easyspace Teams With to Offer Descriptive Domain Names (WebHost Industry Review)
A UK-based domain name registrar will offer registration services for 25 TLDs that include .SHOP, .AGENT, AND TLD.


Hong Kong Net Names Body Ready For Debut , by Adam Creed (Newsbytes)
The Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation (HKIRC) will assume management of Hong Kong's .HK top level domain Ion April 22.
Listing again (Economist)
ENUM, a way to turn telephone numbers into domain names ending in .ARPA, is proving controversial in a mix of internationalized self-interest.


Powerful House Panel Approves 'Dot-Kids' Bill, by David McGuire (Newsbytes)
Congress took another step toward creating a kid-friendly Internet domain when the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee unanimously approved the "Dot-Kids Implementation and Efficiency Act of 2002" calling for the creation of a .KIDS.US namespace. See also CDT letter to the Telecommunications Subcommittee (Oct. 31, 2001)
Dot-kids bill clears House hurdle, by Lisa M. Bowman (C/Net)
Lawmakers set high hurdles for sites that would reside in a special domain established establish for children's websites.
Commission and WIPO get tough on cybersquatters, by Tamsin McMahon (
The two entities will hold consultations with operators in the areas of trade names, personal names, international non-proprietary names for pharmaceutical substances, name of international inter-governmental organisations and geographical terms, in Brussels on April 23.


Elvis Impersonator Is The King In Domain Name Dispute, by Steven Bonisteel (Newsbytes)
AST Sportswear, owner of a trademark for its Johnny Blaze line of clothing, lost its UDRP bid for the JOHNNYBLAZE.COM domain name to a performer who appeared on the Gong Show in the 70's using the Johnny Blaze moniker.


Falwell tries to shutter Web site that mocks him (Baltimore Sun)
Rev. Jerry Falwell, the conservative Christian leader, wants to shut down JERRYFALWELL.COM, the website which makes fun of him.


Singapore outlines rules for domain name registrars, by Adam Creed (Newsbytes)
The Singapore Network Information Centre (SGNIC) lwill introduce a plan for registrar accreditation by the government-owned .SG manager to offer domain names in any or all of the five second-level domains: .COM.SG, .ORG.SG, .NET.SG, .EDU.SG and .PER.SG.


More resellers for .MY domain (The Star)
The Malaysian Network Information Centre (MyNIC) appointed 11 more resellers to help market the .MYTLD.


Rev. Jerry Falwell files complaint over Web site bearing his name (SF Chronicle)
The Rev. Jerry Falwell claims a Web site that spoofs his views on the Bible and his fund-raising methods violates a trademark of his name.


A Lesson in Domain Names and Trademarks from Bruce Springsteen, by Ivan Hoffman (GigaLaw)
What distinguishes the outcomes in what, on first glance, appear to be cases headed in the same direction?
.ES domain registrations grow in Catalunya, by Bobby Mohanty (EuropeMedia)
Domain name registrations in Catalunya, one of the leading provinces in Spain for Internet penetration, increased by 38 per cent in 2001,


SEX.BIZ could net South Korean 10 million dollars (Yahoo News Asia)
Neulevel's South Korean agent Gabia Inc announced in a statement Monday that was one of the domain names snapped up by a man in his 30s from the city of Osan.


New Path to Web for Pornography, by Lisa Guernsey (NYTimes)
Creators of pornography sites have acquired thousands of recently expired domain names, converting former G-rated sites to advertise links to adult content.

'Generic' Domains Collector Bests Trademark Claims Again, by Steven Bonisteel (Newsbytes)

Three WIPO arbitrators ruled that PROM Software of Burlington, Vt., went over the line in asserting that registration and use of the teen-oriented domain PROM.COM by web content developer Reflex Publishing contravened cybersquatting prohibitions of ICANN.
Net Addressing Body Seeks Suggestions On Restructuring, by David McGuire (Newsbytes)
ICANN is asking the online public to help shape a controversial restructuring plan that could put more direct power over the Domain Name System (DNS) in the hands of world governments.

27-Mar-02 Closes Virtual Internet Acquisition (InternetNews)
Domain name registrar completed a $17 million acquisition of online intellectual property company Virtual Internet plc and its equity stake in RegistryPro.


Dot-Info Operator Buys Registry, by David McGuire (Newsbytes)
Afilias LLC, the registry that operates .INFO, bought LibertyRMS Inc. , the company that manages back-end operations for the TLD.


Cybersquatter hits Stephen Byers' plans, by Giles Wilson (BBCNews)
Network Rail, the new name for Railtrack, is in government hands, but the domain name, NETWORKRAIL.ORG.UK was snapped up by a 21-year-old.
Commission welcomes adoption of Regulation for .EU Internet domain names (European Commission)
The new .EU domain name is seen as an important enabler for European electronic commerce and will complement the existing family of ccTLDs and gTLDs.
The creation of a .EU domain (European Commission)


Hackers Deface Thousands Of Domains Parked At Verisign By Brian McWilliams (Newsbytes)
Potentially thousands of domain registrations were affected by the hijacking which redirected surfers surfers to a message, "Did Web Pirates domain your domain?"
Afilias buys out Tucows .INFO service, by Drew Cullen (Register)
Afilias has bought Liberty Registry Management Services from current service provider Tucows enabling the registry to have operational control for the registration of .INFO names.


Cybersquatting back under local spotlight, by Vivienne Fisher (ZDNet Australia)
Domain names will be among the areas under discussion by the Advisory Council on Intellectual Property (ACIP), a Federal Government working party looking at thair impact on trade mark enforcement in Australia.
Net Governance Reform Could Spark Congressional Hearings, by David McGuire (Newsbytes)
At a meeting in Ghana, icann voted to begin restructuring itself while abandoning plans to allow Internet users to directly elect some of the corporation's board members.
Net shake-up plan prompts protests (Sci Tech - BBCNews)
Critics of a plan to change who is responsible for running the internet say it will not achieve its goals and one ICANN board member called it "corporate suicide".


Should Geeks, Or Governments, Run the Net? by Jonathan Krim (Washington Post)
As the Internet insinuates itself more deeply into global commerce and daily life, the head of what passes for Internet management tossed out a grenade that blew all the smal issues out of the way.
New Zealanders Vote For Addition of New Net Domain, by Adam Creed (Newsbytes)
The New Zealand Maori Internet Society hopes to create .MAORI.NZ, for use by indigenous New Zealanders.
Generic domain name sale soon, by Nicole Lindsay (Financial Review)
The Australian internet domain names administrator, auDA,will hold online auctions for the 680 uncontested generic names released for the first time this year.


Groups team up to preserve public voice in Internet, by Andy Sullivan (Yahoo Finance)
Two rival groups, the At Large Study Committee and the Center for Democracy and Technology, have joined forces in an attempt to preserve a public voice in ICANN.


The Impact of "Reverse Domain Name Hijacking" by Jay Hollander( GigaLaw)
"Reverse domain name hijacking," describes a practice in which trademark holders engage in a bad-faith attempt to wrongfully strip the legitimate registrant aof a desired domain namesimply because the complainant holds a trademark in that name or one similar to it.
Mixed Signals at VeriSign, by Alex Salkever (Business Week)
The big online services company is growing smartly in some categories, but it has to prove it can cash in on some pricey acquisitions;


FTC halts hawkers of .USA addresses, by Lisa M. Bowman (C/Net)
The FTC won a temporary injunction prohibiting the U.K.-based operators of the DOTUSA.COM web site from preying on people's patriotism by selling them .USA domain names that don't work in the authoritative root server system.
The End User Domain Power, by Lee Dembart (International Herald Tribune)
Visions differ on fairest and best way to administer the Internet. See also: ICANN News


Invasion of the "Porn Nappers", by Jane Black (BusinessWeek)
Smut-site owners are waiting to grab your URL if you allow your registration for it to lapse

House approves child-friendly domains, by Reuters (C/Net)

A Congressional panel gave the nod to a bill to set up .KIDS.US, a child-friendly zone on the Internet that would be free of violence, pornography or other material deemed inappropriate for children.
Domain dispute bias goes from bad to worse, by Michael Geist (The Globe)
An update to a controversial 2001 study that questioned the fairness of ICANN's UDRP concludes that "forum shopping" continues unabated.
Net law expert slams domain dispute process, by Kieren McCarthy (Register)
The process for deciding ownership of Internet domains is flawed, biased and in drastic need of reform, concludes Michael Geist in a study released today.


MIC to reform Internet domain system (Korea Herald)
The Korean Ministry of Information and Communication will reform .KR by seeking a revision to laws and regulations intended to curb cybersquatting and fraud.


Lurid links, by Carolyn Duffy Marsan (Network World)
Shady middlemen called traffic aggregators are buying expired domain names and redirecting web traffic to porn and gambling venues.


Drain of domain-name pool slows in January, by Steven Bonisteel (Computer User)
VeriSign's registrar operations saw the total number of domains for which it collects fees drop by nearly 19 percent from August of 2001 through January of this year, according to a report issued by SnapNames.


Taiwan to Introduce `.Game.TW' Second-Level Domain in July (CNA)
A new .GAME.TW second-level domain will begin accepting registrations in July to promote the development of the local game industry , the Taiwan Network Information Center announced.
New domain name scam, by Paul Rincon (PC Advisor)
Unscrupulous companies are using dirty tricks to scare people into paying double price for new .BIZ and .INFO domain names.


New .US domain names available next week, by Carolyn Duffy Marsan (Network Fusion)
During a Sunrise period which lasts until April 9, companies can register their trademarked names with the .US TLD.


Name game is their domain, by Simon Hayes (Australian IT)
Tuvalu has a population of 11,000, a small copra export business and an unusual, lucrative sideline in international .TV domain names.


The Murky Debate Over an Internet Address Database, by Susan Stellin (NYTimes)
The conflicting motives, and the competing agendas of those interested in finding personal domain registration information, have lined up various interest groups on opposite sides of a continuing debate over the WHOIS database,


EU agrees on new Internet name suffix, by Agence France-Presse (Nando Times)
The European Parliament approved the new Internet address extension of .EU.


Queue again for .BIZ domains (BBC News)
Those who applied for one of the .BIZ domain names subject to litigation have had their fees refunded and are being asked to reapply for the desired names by March 4.


Domain name commissioner wanted, by Paul Brislen (
InternetNZ, formerly the Internet Society (ISOCNZ), is seeking its first domain name commissioner to oversee the operation of the .NZ namespace during and after the shift to a new system


Domain Decline (Mercury News)
The market value has slipped for many easy-to-remember domain names once worth millions of dollars.


Resale of domain names goes bust along with the dot-com era, by Reid Kanaley (
Domain names are no key to Internet popularity, and gone is the craziness of the late 1990s, when BUSINESS.COM sold for a record $7.5 million.

12-Feb-02 To Grab Sole Control of .PRO Registry, by Ryan Naraine (
Even if its $17 million takeover deal for U.K competitor Virtual Internet plc. is not approved by shareholders, would assume total control of the .PRO registry, the 50-50 joint venture between the two companies.


IANA Report on Request for Redelegation of the .JP Top-Level Domain (IANA)
The IANA concludes that the Japan Registry Service Co., Ltd (JPRS) is the appropriate delegee of the .JP ccTLD under appropriate oversight of the Japanese Government, with the assistance of JPNIC. See Proposed ,JP Sponsorship Agreement


IBM to Host Tucows Domain Registration And Download Sites, by Liam Eagle (Web Host Industry Review)
IBM will oversee the hosting of OpenSRS, Tucows' domain registration hub, which handles an average of 3.5 million domain requests a day from more than 5,000 partners in over 100 countries.


Web sites test .INFO names, by Carolyn Duffy Marsan (Network World)
Afilias, the consortium of 18 domain name registrars running the .INFO registry, says more than 700,000 names have been registered since they became available in July 2001.


Offer by, Inc. Group for Virtual Internet plc (, Inc. tendered a cash offer for IVirtual Internet plc, an online intellectual property protection and web hosting services company.


Web domain for coops, '.coop,' now up and running, by Reuters (CNN)
dotCoop, a subsidiary of the National Cooperative Business Association, has already registered more than 4,100 .COOP domain names during a test period that started in late 2001.


VeriSign reins in wait list for domains, by Gwendolyn Mariano (C/Net)
VeriSign will charge registrars $35 a year to put a domain name on its Domain Name Wait Listing Service, with rebates offered for bulk subscriptions.
Web domain '.coop' now in use, by Reuters (MSNBC)
Credit unions, farm collectives now have their own TLD, .COOP, one among seven approved by ICANN in November 2000.
Whatever happened to domain-name expansion? by David Plotnikoff (Silicon
The business of ICANN is a procedural fun house of alphabet-soup committees and interlocking interest groups.


Online speculators, supporters invest in election-related domain names, by Charles Hurt (Silicon Valley)
Potential presidential contenders are hot property on the Internet, as possible domain names have been quietly snapped up in recent months by online speculators or supporters.


VeriSign posts narrower net loss, by Elinor Mills Abreu (Boston Globe)
The world's largest registar reports less demand than expected for the new .INFO and .BIZ domains but said that domain renewal rates, for .com and .net, in particular, were up 54 percent compared with 52 percent last quarter.
Domain name growth slows considerably in 2001, by AP (CNN)
Growth in Internet domain names slowed considerably last year as speculators dropped registrations that they couldn't resell.


Domain name growth slows considerably in 2001, by Anick Jesdanun (
Growth in Internet domain names slowed considerably last year as speculators dropped registrations that they couldn't resell.


VeriSign Proposes Anti-Competitive Waiting List Service (Northern Light) calls WLS a 'sham' while domain hoarding continues in force.


Domain Idea Sparks Spat, by Jeffrey Benner (Wired)
A consortium of registrars have protested VeriSign's proposal to create a pricey waiting list for registereddomains, calling it too expensive and anti-competitive.
'Sucks' sites to be doled out for free, by Bob Sullivan (MSNBC)
A free speech lawyer has registered some "sucks" domains so that the voice of dissent can be heard on the Internet.


Some AT&T users face e-mail shift, by Peter Howe (Boston Globe)
AT&T Broadband is required to relinquish its domain name, which will affect more than 630,000 subscribers total in Boston, Atlanta, Florida, Los Angeles, Minnesota, and other areas formerly served by MediaOne Group, the cable company AT&T acquired from US West in 1999..
Challenge to bogus net name holders (BBC News)
Afilias, the .INFO registry, has filed challenges to those domains it believes were obtained using bogus information during a pre-registration sunrise period established solely for trademark owners.


Net name registrars contest ICANN fees, by Gwendolyn Mariano (C/Net)
European domain name registries are refusing to pay fees to ICANN, saying that the Internet administrator has not done enough to guarantee the stability of the servers that link domains.
Afilias Challenges 741 .INFO Internet Addresses, by David McGuire (Newsbytes)
The .INFO registry Afilias filed the first of several bulk challenges aimed at reclaiming fraudulently obtained .INFO domain names during the Sunrise pre-registration period, which took place last year. See also: Afilias Starts Challenge of .INFO Names (Afilias PR)


Net's servers under scrutiny, by Mark Ward (BBC News)
Concerns about the control ICANN has over the 13 root servers are being expressed by the EU and some national governments who want guarantees about the system's stability.
Dot-Name Frenzy? No, Dot-Calm, by Joanna Glasner (Wired)
More than 60,000 people signed up for new .NAME domain names at its launch, according to Global Name Registry, the company in charge of the rollout.
New Internet Suffix to Debut Today, by Anick Jesdanun (Associated Press)
The first Internet address suffix created exclusively for individuals, .NAME, debuts today, administered by the Global Name Registry.
National Arbitration Forum changes its fee schedule (NAF)
The new NAF fee schedule is effective February 1.


British Internet Users Get '.me' Domain, by David McGuire (Newsbytes)
Nominet UK launched a second-level .ME.UK domain that is intended to serve exclusively as an online neighborhood for individual Internet users in the United Kingdom.
It's me, me, me, time for Britain's Internet users (Reuters)
The new .ME.UK domain is the first added to the UK's liist of second level domainsince 1996.
Internet suffix for individuals makes debut (AP)
.NAME, exclusively for individuals, joins the pantheon of .COM, .ORG and .NET.


`Google effect' reduces need for many domains, by Dan Gillmor (SJ Mercury)
Google's main method of ranking search results looks at which particular page has the most links from other pages.


Domain Dispute Mechanism Works Well, by David McGuire (Biz Report)
A study published by the Max Plank Institute for Foreign and International Patent, Copyright and Competition Law reports that 76% of the 700 cases examined were transferred to the complainant.


VeriSign buys .tv domain for $45M, by Abigail Waraker (Vnunet)
.TV is owned by the Pacific island nation of Tuvalu, but is promoted to media companies as an alternative to .com suffixes.


VeriSign sets fee for expired domain name, by James Middleton (Vnunet)
The company plans to roll out the waiting list at the end of March but must first seek approval from ICANN.


Domain gold rush tails off, by Jamie Doward (Guardian Unlimited)
For only the second time in the internet's relatively short history, the number of .COM domains on the internet fell, possibly marking the end of the dot com gold rush.
Is IPv6 necessary? by Nobuo Ikeda and Hajime Yamada (Glocom)
The reason refute the assumption that IPv4 currently being used will soon run out.


VeriSign Plans Domain Wait List , by Joanna Glasner (Wired)
The largest registrar is planning to create a waiting list for expiring domain names, in an effort to add order to the system for redelegating expired and deleted names and to make money at a time when new registrations are declining.
VeriSign Preps wait list for coveted .COMs, by Margaret Kane (C/Net)
Last Stand of Oz Domain Fight, by Stewart Taggart (Wired)
Robert Elz, a University of Melbourne network programmer who managed Australia's Internet domain-naming system for 15 years as an unpaid volunteer, is holding onto rebellious control over two smaller sub-domains, "" for nonprofits, and the idiosyncratic "" --established for individuals and families.


Domain registration in decline, by John Leyden (Register)
The number of registered domain names on the internet has declined by about 130,000 in the past quarter, according to Netcraft's December Web site survey. See also: Domain registrations fall, by Kate McKenzie (
Internet naming regulators tackle domain names with non-Latin characters, by Agence France-Presse (Nandotimes)
The International Telecommunication Union and the World Intellectual Property Organization have agreed to cooperate on solving the problems posed by the growing number of multilingual domain names.
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