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ABBOTT and COSTELLO go to WIPO2 by John Berryhill

CYBERWOCKY by Ellen Rony

FABLE OF THE NAMES by Diane Cabell

ICANN: THE MOVIE by Kendall Dawson

ICANN: Stage I
ICANN II: The Sequel
ICANN: THE SONG (lyrics)


  • RFC - 527 - Arpawocky by R. Merryman
  • RFC- 968 - 'Twas the Night Before Startup
  • RFC - 1121 - Act One - The Poems
  • RFC - 1149 - A Standard for the Transmission of IP Datagrams on Avian Carriers by D. Waitman
  • RFC - 1591 (annotated) - Domain Name System Structure and Delegation by J, Sims (April 1, 2002)
  • RFC - 2100 - The Naming of Hosts by J. Ashworth
  • RFC 2795 - The Infinite Monkey Protocol Suite (IMPS)
  • RFC - 3091 - Pi Digit Generation Protocol
  • RFC-3092 - Entymology of "Foo"
  • RFC - 3093 - Firewall Enhancement Protocol
  • Internet Draft - IBB Technical Comment on the Globally Unique Button by Simon Higgs

    San Francisco Chronicle (11-Feb-01) - In the summer of 2000, the Internet Underground Music Archive (IUMA) launched a publicity stunt, offering $5000 to parents willing to name their newborns after the company's acronym.
    The Redwood City firm found ten parents eager to name their ofspring after a dot com, for a fee. Unfortunately, In February, the dot com, which hoped to give independent musicians exposure through the Intenret, became a not-com. It announced that it was suspending operations.
    With IUMA's future in doubt, the parents will have to do some explaining when the ten baby IUMAs grow up. It could have been worse. They could have been called Napster.
    Mercury News (23-May-01) - Hospital offers new babies their own domain name
    Babies born at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City will go home with a birth certificate, a tub of toys and diapers -- and a new, unusual perk: a free domain name.
    In the first program of its kind, Sequoia Hospital is joining, a Los Gatos domain name provider, to offer parents of newborns a chance to register a domain name for their baby where they can build a home page to post pictures and information.




    A teacher asked one of her pupils, "Can you name our nation's capital?"

    The reply was, "Washington DC"

    When asked what the "DC" stood for, the pupil added, "Dot com!"

    Three beggars are begging in New York City.

    The first one wrote "BEG" on his broken steel cup and he received ten bucks after one day.

    The second one wrote "BEG.COM" on his cup and after one day he received hundreds of thousand dollars. Someone even wanted to take him to NASDAQ.

    The third one wrote "eBeg" on his cup. Both IBM and HP sent vice-presidents to talk to him about a strategic alliance and offered him free Hardware and professional consulting while Larry Ellison claimed on CNBC that eBeg uses 95% Oracle technology and i2 announced BegTradeMatrix a B2B industry portal to offer supply chain integration in the beggar community.

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