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sheesh (shésh) interj. Used to express modest disapproval or exasperation.
More specific than "#!**^!#!" but stronger than "aargh", sheesh etiquette requires that the word be used discriminately. It is a natural form of verbal relief and a popular utterance in weekly syndicated cartoon strips. "Sheesh" is not to be confused with its distant cousins, hasheesh and sheeshkabob.
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Australia (January 29, 1998) - The Australian Root Server Confederation (AURSC) and the International Root Server Confederation (IRSC) are pleased to announce, in cooperation and with permission from Ellen Rony, a new TLD.

The TLD known as .SHEESH was created by Adam Todd, AURSC founder, as a gift for Ms. Rony in response to the number of times she has had to say "Sheesh!" to the gTLD/CORE process in the domain policy mailing list.

Todd explained, "I felt some kind of site was needed since it appears Ellen was the first to make the "Sheesh!" comment in a public forum. Considering its adoption by many others over the past two years, I'm sure the site will provide a legacy of entertainment."

Ms. Rony will no doubt post a tribute to those who have recently used the expression on the web site entry point at People saying "Sheesh!" range from AURSC and IRSC founder, Adam Todd, to many of the Domain Policy List subscribers.

Revenues from .SHEESH TLD registrations will be used to promote a 200-step recovery program for sufferers of Post Traumatic Sea Monkey Syndrome (PTSMS), also known in the non-medical community as SMAD (Sea Monkey Affective Disorder). According to sea monkey pundit Ralf, the Librarian, PTSMS is "an ailment from whose intense grief, remorse, brain damage, and social stigmatization complete recovery isn't possible. I'm afraid any hope of full recovery is unrealistic given today's medical knowledge. In fact, such belief is probably just another one of PTSMS' many manifestations.".













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