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Ellen Rony and Peter Rony, The Domain Name Handbook: High Stakes and Strategies in Cyberspace (R&D Books: Lawrence, Kansas) 1998. 645 pp. plus CD-ROM. ISBN 0879305150

The Domain Name Handbook provides a comprehensive and practical history of the policies, protocols, procedures, principles, controversies, and initiatives associated with the domain name system. See Press Release: "Internet Domain Names Are Focus of Hefty New Handbook."

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Many Domain Name System resource documents are included on a CD-ROM bound with The Domain Name Handbook. They comprise more than 3660 pages of additional text as PDF files. Adobe Acrobattm Reader is distributed with the CD-ROM. The CD-ROM Companion is an historical archive. Chapters from The Domain Name Handbook are NOT included among its many files.

Introduction to the CD-ROM Companion
Appendix A. Sample InterNIC Templates
A.1 Introduction to InterNIC Templates
A.2 Domain Name Registration
A.3 Contact Registration
A.4 Host Registration
A.5 IN-ADDR Registration
A.6 Network Number Registration
A.7 Autonomous System Numbers Registration
A.8 ISP CIDR Request
A.9 Debit Account Application
Appendix B. InterNIC Registration Policies
B.1 Index of InterNIC Registration Services Policies
B.2 NSI Domain Dispute Resolution Policy Statement (July 28, 1995)
B.3 NSI Domain Dispute Policy Press Release (July 28, 1995)
B.4 Fee for Registration of Domain Names September 14, 1995)
B.5 NSI Domain Dispute Policy Statement, Revision 01 (November 23, 1995)
B.6 InterNIC Lame Delegation Policy (February 13, 1996)
B.7 NSI Domain Name Dispute Policy, Revision 02 (September 9, 1996)
B.8 NSI Domain Name Dispute Policy, Revision 03 (February 25, 1998)
Appendix C. Request for Comments (RFCs)
C.1 Introduction to Request for Comment (RFC) Documents
C.2 RFC 2200 Internet Official Protocol Standards (June 1997)
C.3 RFC 2010 Operational Criteria for Root Name Servers
C.4 RFC 1818 Best Current Practices (August 1995)
C.5 RFC 1816 U.S. Government Internet Domain Names (August 1995)
C.6 RFC 1591 Domain Name System Structure and Delegation (March 1994)
C.7 RFC 1480 The US Domain (June 1993)
C.8 RFC 1100 DNS Encoding of Network Names and Other Types (April 1989)
C.9 RFC 1035 DNS Implementation and Specification (November 1987)
C.10 RFC 1034 Domain Names - Concepts and Facilities (November 1987)
C.11 RFC 1033 Domain Administrators Operations Guide (November 1987)
C.12 RFC 1032 Domain Administrators Guide (November 1987)
C.13 RFC 1031 MILNET Name Domain Transition (November 1987)
C.14 RFC 1011 Official Internet Protocols (May 1987)
C.15 RFC 1009 Requirements for Internet Gateways (June 1987)
C.16 RFC 974 Mail Routing and the Domain System (January 1986)
C.17 RFC 953 Hostname Server (October 1985)
C.18 RFC 952 DOD Internet Host Table Specification (October 1985)
C.19 RFC 920 Domain Requirements (October 1984)
C.20 RFC 883 Domain Names -- Implementation and Specification (November 1983)
C.21 RFC 882 Domain Names: Concepts and Facilities (November 1983)
C.22 RFC 881 The Domain Names Plan and Schedule (November 1983)
C.23 RFC 819 The Domain Naming Convention for Internet User Applications (August 1982)
C.24 RFC 799 Internet Name Domains (September 1981)
C.25 RFC 349 Proposed Standard Socket Numbers (May 1972)
C.26 RFC 204 Sockets in Use (August 1971)
C.27 RFC 001 Host Software (April 1969)
Appendix D. Top Level Country Domains
D.1 Introduction to Top Level Country Domains
D.2 Two-Letter Internet Country Codes from ISO 3166
D.3 Two-Letter U.S. State Codes
D.4 Two-Letter Canadian Province Codes
D.5 Geographic Top Level Registries
D.6 National Registries with No Residency Requirement
Appendix E. Domain Name Server Files
E.1 root.zon -- InterNIC (June 13, 1997)
E.2 First 15% of db_root.bin -- The Alternic Difference (June 14, 1997)
E.3 Australian Root Server Confederation (March 18, 1998)
E.4 root.zon -- Universal Domain Name System (uDNS) (June 15, 1997)
E.5 InterNIC domain files (June 13, 1997)
E.6 db_cache.bin -- Alter.NIC (June 14, 1997)
Appendix F. NSF/NSI Agreement and Amendments
F.1 NSF Cooperative Agreement No. NCR-9218742 (January 1, 1993)
F.2 NSF Cooperative Agreement, Amendment 1 (March 30, 1994)
F.3 NSF Cooperative Agreement, Amendment 2 (January 4, 1995)
F.4 NSF Cooperative Agreement, Amendment 3 (March 30, 1995)
F.5 NSF Cooperative Agreement, Amendment 4 (September 13, 1995)
F.6 NSF Cooperative Agreement, Amendment 5 (January 6, 1997)
F.7 NSF Cooperative Agreement, Amendment 6 (July 28, 1997)
F.8 NSF Cooperative Agreement, Amendment 7 (December 3,1997)
F.9 NSF Solicitation for Network Information Services Manager for NSFnet and the NREN (March 19, 1992)
Appendix G. Generic Top Level Domain Memorandum of Understanding (gTLD-MoU) and Related Policies
G.1 Memorandum of Understanding on the Generic Top Level Domain Name Space (February 28, 1997)
G.2 Memorandum of Understanding for the Internet Council of Registrars (October 19, 1997)
G.3 [Second Revised] Substantive Guidelines Concerning Administrative Domain Name Challenge Panels (October 2, 1997)
G.4. New Registries and the Delegation of International Top Level Domains - "Draft Postel" (June 1996)
Appendix H. International Trademark Classes
H.1. International Classes of Goods and Services
H.2 Nice Agreement - 7th Edition Trademark Class Changes (January 1, 1997)
Appendix I. An InterNIK Fable by Diane Thilly Cabell
Appendix J. National Telecommunications and Information Administration Comment on the Registration and Administration of Internet Domain Names
J.1 Notice of Inquiry and Summary of Responses: Registration and Administration of Internet Domain Names (July 2, 1997)
J.2 Selected Comments
J.3 Notice of Inquiry - Archive of Comments
J.4 Proposed Rule: Technical Management of Internet Names and Addresses (January 30, 1998)
J.5 Proposed Rule - Archive of Comments 
Appendix K. A-TCPIP/Domain Name Rights Coalition - A Principle Protecting Free Speech and Open Communication in Internet Governance (March 1998)








































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