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REPORT FROM GIAW (continued)

Global Incorporation Alliance Workshop
International Forum on the White Paper - Americas
 Hyatt Regency Hotel - Reston, Virginia - July 1-2, 1998

The following is a list of participants at the IFWP - Americas Global Incorporation Alliance Workshop on July 1and/or July 2, 1998

See also the Report from GIAW for :

Brian Adkins - Information Technology Industry Council ("ITI")
Izumi Aizu - Asia & Pacific Internet Association (APIA)
Christopher Ambler - Individual
Susan Anthony - MCI Communications Corporation
Karl Auerbach - Individual
Mikki Barry - Domain Name Rights Coalition
Gabe Battista - Network Solutions, Inc.
Kim Bayliss - The Dutko Group, Inc.
Steven Bellovin - AT&T
Jeff Black - iChannel Corporation
Barry Bluestein - The Lapis Group
Jim Bramson - AOL
Lorraine Brennan - International Chamber of Commerce
Charles Brownstein - XIWT
Martin Burack - Internet Society
Becky Burr - NTIA
Diane Cabell - Fausett, Gaeta & Lund (Boston)
Marilyn Cade - AT&T
Glee Harrah Cady - ICG Communications Netcom
Terry Calhoun - Society for College and University Planning (SCUP)
Jean Cantrell - Dun & Bradstreet
Chris Clough - Network Solutions, Inc.
Roger Cochetti - IBM
Gene Crick - Texas ISP Association (TISPA)
Ken Crutchfield - US Interactive
Kenneth Cukier - Communications Week International
John Curran - GTE Internetworking
Alan Davidson - Center for Democracy & Technology
Sally Davis - Coalition for Advertising Supported Information and Entertainment (CASIE)
Susan Davis - Internet Council of Registrars
Sarah Deutsch - Bell Atlantic
Vikram Dhawer - Motion Picture Association
Jim Dixon - EuroISPA
Carole Dobbs - USPS
Sean Donelan Data Research Associates Inc.
Barbara Dooley - CIX
Janis Doran - Industry Canada
Hany Elmanawy Universal Postal Union
Jon Emery - Network Solutions, Inc.
Jon Englund - Information Technology Association of America(ITAA)
Jose Esteves - Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, LLP
Michael Fanelli - Federal Trade Commission
David Farber - University of Pennsylvania
David Fares - USCIB
Harold Feld - Domain Name Rights Coalition
Jay Fenello - Iperdome
Ken Fockler - Tenac Consulting
Paul Foldes - Inter Help Inc.
Richard Forman - Forman Interactive Corp.
Marlene Fox-McIntyre - American Internet Registrants Association
John Frangie - Image Online Design
Dr. Tamar Frankel, Chair
Michael Froomkin - University of Miami
Roberto Gaetano - ETSI
Paul Garrin - Name.Space
Chuck Gomes - Network Solutions. Inc.
Jeffrey Graber - Association of Internet Professionals
Ariel Graizer - CABASE
David Graves - Network Solutions, Inc.
Neal Greenfield - International Trademark Association (INTA)
Patrick Greenwell - NameSecure
Robert Hall - Canadian Association of Internet Providers (CAIP)
Michelena Hallie - Viacom Inc.
Mark Harrington -House Science Committee
Peter Harter - Netscape
Rina Hartline - Texas ISP Association (TISPA)
Don Heath - Internet Society
Steve Heflin - iDomains Incorporated
Jason Hendeles - CNIC Corporation
Paul Hilal - Hilal Capital Management LLC
David Holtzman - Network Solutions, Inc.
Richard Hovey - Individual
Deb Howard - Internet Service Providers Consortium (ISP/C)
Kim Hubbard - ARIN
Michelle Ibave - Athene, Inc.
Chris Israel - Time Warner
David Johnson - Aspen Institute Internet Policy Project
Craig Johnson - Transnational Data
Robert Kahn - Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI)
Paul Kane - INternet ONE
Ron Kawchuk - CAIP
Debra Kelly - Povich Kelly/Associates P.C.
Victor Khanna - Boston University Law School
Chad Kissinger - Onramp Access
Kathryn Kleiman - Domain Name Rights Coalition
Joseph T. Klein - Titania Corporation
Bob Korzeniewski - Network Solutions, Inc.
Eric Lee - CIX
Stuart Levi - Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, LLP
Adam Lim - Price Waterhouse Coopers
Roxanne Loveday - Internet Service Providers Consortium (ISP/C)
Hal Lubsen - iDomains Incorporated
Dave McClure - Association of Online Professionals
Mark McFadden - CIX
Scott McMahon - Qwest
Scott Mitchell - Epoch Internet
Don Mitchell - Individual
John Montjoy - ILPF
William Morgan - Dun & Bradstreet
Sascha Mornell - Forman Interactive Corp.
Brian Morris - Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, LLP
Milton Mueller - Syracuse University
Mike Nelson - IBM
Paul Niedermyer - Network Soultions, Inc.
Drew Olsen - Industry Canada
Brian O'Shaughnessy - Internet Alliance
Adam Peake - Center For Global Communications
Patricia Poaletta - U.S. House Committee on Commerce
Michael Provance - US Interactive
David Quam - Powell, Goldstein, Frazer & Murphy
John Quarterman - Matrix Information and Directory Services
Juliette Raffensperger - The Dutko Group, Inc.
Laina Raveendran Greene - APPLE
Sarah Reardon - Electronic Messaging Association
Tricia Rimo - Bellcore
Greg Rixon - SDI
Mike Roberts - EDUCAUSE
Oscar Robles - NIC-Mexico
Edward Rodriguez - Mitretek Systems
Dr. Peter Rony - Individual
Anthony Rutkowski - General Magic
Neeran Saraf - SARAF Software Solutions, Inc
Howard Sartori - AIRA
Ricardo Sawon - CABASE
Philip Sbarbaro - Hanson & Molloy
Michael Schneider - EuroISPA
David Schutt - Speco, Inc
Paul Scolese - U.S. House Committee on Commerce
William Semich - Independent TLD Association
Garrett Sern - EDUCAUSE
Andy Sernovitz - Association for Interactive Media (AIM)
James Shaw - Embassy of Australia
Craig Simon - University of Miami School of International Studies
Joe Sims - Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue
Charles Smith - Internet Service Providers Consortium (ISP/C)
Cindy Smith - Internet Service Providers Consortium (ISP/C)
Clint Smith - UUNET Technologies
Einar Stefferud - Individual
Megan Stein - Fujitsu Limited
Ken Stubbs - CORE
Tracy Talyor - Williams & Jensen
Don Telage - Network Solutions, Inc.
Wayne Thevenot - Association for Interactive Media (AIM)
Haywood Torrence - Bell Atlantic Corporation
Bernard Turcotte - CANARIE
Larry Vaden - Individual
Peter Veeck - Individual
Susan Watson - Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue
Eric Weisberg - Individual
Steve Weiss - SARAF Software Solutions, Inc
Dave Weitzel - Mitretek Systems
Danny Weitzner - Center for Democracy and Technology
Heather Wilde - Private Sector Working Group
Jim Wilson - House Committee on Science
Eric Wimer - Individual
Jenny Wodinsky - PriceWaterhouse Coopers
Pindar Wong - Asia Pacific Internet Association (APIA)
John Wood - Computer Science & Services Association
Jonathan Zittrain - Berkman Center for Internet and Society

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